What You Need to Know About Convenient Care

Convenient medical treatment

It’s important to have medical care when you need it. You’ll find that there are a few options of where to seek medical treatment. A new system of care is aiming to reduce the worries of seeking medical treatment in a fast and efficient manner. Here are three important advantages of a new medical care system known as convenient care.

Not Debating Where to Seek Treatment

Life is full of important choices that need to be made quickly. The last thing you want to do when trouble occurs is to debate where to seek treatment. You don’t want to find a 24 hour urgent care location, only to find out you need an emergency room. Convenient care aims to stop the debate of where you need to go to receive the treatment you need. Statistics show that nearly 60% of urgent care centers have a wait time under 15 minutes to seek treatment. A convenient care facility combines the best aspects of emergency and urgent care. Patients dealing with non life threatening issues receive urgent treatment, while more serious matters receive emergency care.

Assurance all Medical Needs are Covered

When seeking urgent medical services, it’s important you receive effective treatment. Visiting a convenient care location helps to ensure all of your medical needs are handled. A study by Millman found that 44-65% of emergency rooms visits were treatable at a 24 hour urgent care location. It’s best to use convenient care to ensure all medical needs are taken care of under one roof. Families will prefer urgent care, especially when caring for multiple sick children. Many parents prefer to have all of their children cared for without having to drive to different facilities.

Physicians Skilled in Various Areas of Healthcare

There are nearly 20,000 physicians currently practicing Urgent Care Medicine. You’ll find physicians skilled in urgent and emergency care at a convenient care facility. Emergency room workers know that any kind of situation can come through the doors. If you have a situation that isn’t covered by urgent care, a convenient care facility should be able to treat you. It’s understandable to visit a 24 hour urgent care location to seek fast treatment. However, you don’t want to be turned away because a situation is more serious than it appears. Visiting a convenient care facility allows you rest assured your situation will be treated.

In closing, there are several advantages of seeking treatment at a convenient care location. These facilities treat patients in need of both urgent and emergency care. The last thing you want to when seeking medical treatment is to debate on where you need to go. Medical care needs to be given in a fast and efficient manner. Visiting a convenient care facility helps to ensure all of your medical needs are handled within one building. Convenient care locations employ a wide range of physicians which helps to ensure every patient receives the treatment they need.

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