Has Your Home Been Damaged in a Storm?


As the insurance adjustor stood on the 15th rung of the 17 rung ladder, he reached above his head and felt the lower cladding on the small second story window. Within just a few seconds he indicated to his partner on the ground that this window was damaged as well. It was a very tall climb for a very short inspection, but the adjuster said he did not want to be the one called clear back out on a claim because he forgot to check the only window in this side of the house.
in all, the inspection only took about 45 minutes, but in that time the team of two climbed up onto your two story walk out basement home and checked all of the gutters and windows as well. It did not take long up on the roof to declare that is was totaled, but the team still took the time to make sure that they were thorough in the rest of the inspection.
For instance, the adjusters are the ones who thought to take the cover off the grill and discover that it was dented and that the company would pay to replace it. They also explained to you that while the initial report would only include replacing all of the cladding around the window, your window manufacturer would not guarantee their product with only the cladding replaced. Instead, it you had a window manufacturer come out and look at the window, they would recommend the complete replacement of those windows that had any significant damage.
In addition to explaining the process of how to replace a roof, the adjusters also explained that you had some extra preparations in place the last time the roof was replaced and that he would write up the report to indicate that as well. Other items on the report indicated that the down spouts were totaled, but that the air conditioning fins were fine.
From window installation to selecting between different kinds of roofing materials, understanding how to replace a roof is the job of contractors, but it is also a task that the home owner should be familiar with so that they can monitor the progress. Selecting a local company can also improve the process of how to replace a roof and to make sure that the process is followed.
Insurance Adjusters Across the Whole Country Are Busy Assessing Claims from Hail Storms to Hurricanes

Although they were only able to assess three homes in a day most of the time, they are often so busy that they have to make it to four, five, sometimes seven a day during the busiest of seasons. In contrast to appraisers who are appraising the home for what a home will sell for, adjusters are just are looking for damage. Once the report of the losses has been filed, the company will make adjustments for prices in a specific zip code so that the process will be smooth. Once an adjuster’s report has been submitted, the first check will be minus the deductible and the depreciation, and once the work has been completed, the rest of the payment will be delivered.
Roofing contractors are often willing to work with home owner to make sure that they can come in under the settlement amount, even if the amount requires a deductible. Finding the right contractor, however, often relies on finding someone who can give you not only a fair bid, but also someone who will still be around after the job is complete. Consider this information that often plays is to how to replace a roof, a window, or other house parts that are necessary after a major storm has come through an area:

  • $46 billion in revenue is the annual amount of the roofing industry in America.
  • Roofing experts estimate that the life of a new roof will be cut by as much as 20% if it is installed on top of an existing roof.
  • Roofing companies are busy in the months after a hail storm, waiting on decisions from insurance companies and potential customers so they can start their work.

Insurance adjusters are just the first step in the long process of recovering from damage caused by a storm, whether that storm involved hail or hurricane.

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