Five Tips for Creating a Great Home Office Space

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The workplace world is changing every day. In the 1950s and 60s, after the Greatest Generation can home from war and settled into the workplace, the workplace culture was designed in such a way that men (and women, in certain positions) would come into the office, work until it was time to go, and then head home to their families.

In our modern day work culture, so much of what can be done is being done remotely. With the technology we have today, working from a home office even part time has become a regular thing for many people across the country.

Working from home can be a very exciting proposition, but if you don’t have a dedicated space for your home office, things can go south very quickly. Here are five things to remember as you begin creating a modern office space at home.

1.) Choose the right location.

You are likely going to spend a great deal of time in your home office. Whether you are spending time doing a work-related project or working on something personal. Your office is where you will conduct your business, so choose a place where you can work to the best of your ability. Choose a room where you can be free from distractions and the noise of the goings-on in your home. However you work best, try to set up in a location that will suit you.

2.) Make sure you have great lighting.

Eye strain and headaches can be problematic when creating a modern office space in your home. Many people invest in furniture, bookshelves, and printers before investing in quality lighting. Do yourself a favor from the start and get some lighting that will be friendly to your eyes.

3.) Get a hold of a really great chair.

Nobody wants to spend half the day working in their home office and the other half of the day at the chiropractor. A quality chair is extremely important. It helps you stay focused, by supporting your body while you attend to tasks that need your full concentration. There are many good ones out there. Find the one that is right for you and watch your productivity improve.


4.) Don’t worry about changing your style.

Chances are, your home already has a decorating style of some sort or another. Most Americans call their decorating traditional, though modern and eclectic are popular descriptions. When you are creating a modern office space in your home, use the taste you have already used in the rest of your home. If you want to change things up, that’s fine, of course, but don’t beat yourself up over it.

Use the rule of three and decorate using odds numbers of things; odd numbers are more eye-catching. Hang some pictures, and when you do, make sure to leave a three-inch space between frames. Even if no one but you ever comes into your home office, having it decorated nicely will give you a good, workplace feeling. You’ll just feel better.

Get a grip on your technology.

Let’s face it, when you are creating a modern office space in your home, there is not much you can do in the way of decorating when it comes to technology. Printers and fax machines are just ugly. Their chords are everywhere and they just are very pretty. Gather those loose chords, bind them, and keep them out of sight. There are chords covers that will do the trick for you and you won’t have to worry about looking at them or tripping on them.

Rustic furniture, mid century modern furniture, and even high quality modern furniture will work perfectly in any modern office. It is really your choice. The key is to make your home office a place where you can do your best work.

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