Identifying the Different Kinds of Sprinkler Heads

There are appropriate types of sprinkler heads to utilize and inappropriate sprinkler head types to avoid, depending on your goals. We’re here to clear the air and point you in the proper direction.

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Sprinklers are obviously a benefit to have around, whether you merely want to run under the spray and relive the lovely summer days of your childhood, get your garden paradise to bloom, or keep your building protected against fires.

The sprinkler head is the most important component of your sprinkler system. This component determines the type of spray you’ll get, allowing each sprinkler head to be used for either irrigation or fire prevention.

Here’s an overview of the numerous types of sprinkler heads available if you’re thinking about buying one for your sprinkler system or just wondering about the alternatives.

Sprinkler heads are classified into two types based on their intended use: fire suppression or irrigation. Pop-up sprinklers are the most often utilized sprinklers for irrigation since they are pendant types of sprinkler heads.

In-ground irrigation systems in both commercial and residential environments employ these sprinklers. The body can be entirely submerged in the ground and then activated.

Sprinkler heads come in four different varieties when it comes to combating a fire: upright, pendent, concealed, and sidewall. Each sprinkler head is available in a variety of sizes and finishes, as well as varied temperature settings.

Know more about sprinkler types in this video.


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