Keep Your Family Dry by Fixing Your Leaky Roof

Imagine that you are in your living room with your family. You are comfortably sitting on the sofa and playing a board game. Then, you feel a drop land on the back of your neck. You look up to see that a leak has developed on your ceiling. Don’t let leaks ruin your family game night.

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Make sure to have professional roofers inspect your roof periodically to prevent leaks. Should you have a leak, it is important to identify the cause. In this video, you will learn about some causes of a leaky roof.

One cause could be that the step flashing is missing or damaged. Step flashing is the material that connects the shingles to a non-roofed area such as your chimney or siding. People often forget to place the step flashing. This results in water that seeps into the home.

Damaged or missing shingles may yet be another cause. If you can visibly see a torn or missing shingle, this is likely the cause of the leak. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, they could have gotten weathered over time, a storm could have ripped them out of place, or maybe they were never installed correctly. No matter the cause, you will want to call an expert to repair the shingles.


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