A Detailed Tour of a Childcare Center

In the YouTube video, “DAY CARE CENTER TOUR.,” Danny Christine gives a detailed tour of one of her center-based childcare locations. The childcare center is her second center-based childcare location.

The front administrative office is based on an open-concept model and has no doors. The absence of doors allows easy movement between the front office and the adjoining hallway and kitchen area.

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Food isn’t prepared in the kitchen area and is catered for and delivered to the childcare center. Alternatively, it is used for storage and as a break room for employees.

The center-based childcare location has a licensed capacity for 44 children and currently has 36 children. The childcare location has four different classrooms: an infant room, a toddler’s room, a preschool room, and a school-age room. The childcare center provides care for children between six weeks and 12 years. Kids are allotted into these classrooms based on their age.

The center-based childcare center also has a parking lot that allows for outdoor events and increases the childcare center’s visibility to outsiders. It also has a long entryway where kids are collected from their parents. Overall, the childcare center evinces careful planning.


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