Watching Along With a Professional AC Installation

Installing an air conditioner is a task left to a professional. The procedure comprises the installation of both an interior and an outdoor environment.”On a YouTube channel, “The Air Of Authority,” a video, “Installing A Central Air Conditioner Outdoor Air Conditioner Installation,” details the procedure of outdoor air conditioner installation.

Part of the installation process involves replacing the electrical disconnect. You need to take the measurements of the place since there are code requirements you have to meet when setting up the pad.

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When replacing the air conditioner, the ground where the previous one was could be sunk, and you need to level it and raise it a little bit. You also need to have a slope for the water and moisture to flow away from the house.

In the next step, you reconnect the refrigerant lines. Take time to ensure all the lines are aesthetically installed and aligned to look good several years after the installation. Use dry nitrogen to pressurize the purge the lines.

Attention to detail is crucial throughout the AC installation process. Make sure that all the copper wiring is properly placed and watertight.


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