What are the Benefits of Stone Siding?

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Stone siding is one of the oldest materials used in the construction of homes and buildings. It has many benefits that have gotten better with modern technology. This video explains some of the benefits of using stone siding.

Stone is one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials you can use in construction. It can withstand heavy storms and temperature fluctuations. It’s naturally resistant to fire and pests. If it’s properly installed, stone will last for decades.

Stone siding is when a separate stone wall is constructed outside the house with a backing that makes up the actual structure of the home. It makes for easier building while maintaining the benefits of stone. It offers a classic and traditional look with stones of various shapes and sizes.

The stone can also be clad to the wall with cement mortar or another adhesive. This is often the method used for interior stone veneers. It adds another layer of durability and insulation to the existing wall.

If you need a practical and classically beautiful siding option, you should consider stone siding. For more information on stone siding, click on the video to the link above.

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