The Importance of Duct Cleaning

A service needed in many homes, duct cleaning is essential in providing fresh, clean air into a home. It is a service often neglected by the homeowner, and when left neglected can not only lead to damage to the system but a decrease in air quality as well.

When starting, it is important to begin at the top and then work your way down. While starting, it is important to inspect the ducts for any debris that will be too large to be vacuumed out.

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The typical debris consists of things such as hair, dust, pet dander, and pet hair. However, larger trash or n some cases pieces of toys or plastic can get into the system and when not cleaned out can remain to build up and clog the ducts.

Failure to properly clean the ducts also impacts the smell of the home. Odors can get trapped in the hair and dust in the system, such as the smell of smoke or the smell of pets. People who live in these homes tend to be unable to notice these smells all the time, as their nose becomes accustomed to them.

For additional information on duct cleaning, please review the attached video.


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