Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Hot Summer Months

As a new parent, your baby’s safety is your top priority 24/7. You want your little one to be healthy and happy at all times, so do everything in your power to baby-proof your home. When it comes to caring for a baby in the hot summer months, there are a few extra precautions you should take. With the rising temperatures come several risks to your infant’s health and safety. In this video, we will look at several ways to keep your baby safe in the summer heat.

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First of all, ensure your home’s air conditioning is up to date and functioning. You may need to contact air conditioning contractors to have a mini split air conditioner installed in your nursery, allowing for adequate airflow at all hours of the day. Next, keep the curtains and blinds closed during the day to prevent overheating. Floor fans are completely fine, but do not point them directly at your baby. Put your child to bed without many layers. In hot weather, babies need less coverage to sleep comfortably. Finally, check your baby’s temperature on their stomach or neck if you are feeling concerned about them being overheated.


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