Things to Know About Manufactured Homes

This video covers manufactured homes. The video speaker talks about how manufactured homes used to be highly affordable. Many people used to buy those homes because they were inexpensive, and the buyers no longer had to rent housing.

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The cost of manufactured housing is now outrageous and has skyrocketed significantly over the past three years.

Some people live in manufactured home parks because they cannot afford to purchase the land. Therefore, they pay for the home only and live among many other people living the same way. Then investors come in and drive the price of the manufactured homes up so that those people have no choice but to leave. Once all the people clear from the mobile home parks, the investors redevelop the land and place single-family homes on it. This cycle seems to be happening all over the country at a rapid pace.

The Biden Administration has stepped in and is making moves to protect the concept of the mobile home communities. The administration asks that state and government entities reduce the zoning and financing barriers to those types of dwellings to give people more opportunities to achieve the ownership they desire. Right now, the policies only apply to people who want to purchase the land that goes underneath the mobile homes.

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