Three Steps To Take When Starting To Plan Your Dream Wedding

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Are you about to start planning your wedding? It is an exciting time in life as you celebrate with family and friends, but it can also be a stressful time. There are lists upon lists of things you need to plan, organize and accomplish before the wedding day arrives. If you are the bride, you will have some help, but most of the final decisions and important decisions will fall on you to complete in time. You are probably starting some research to help you make initial decisions and plans for what you want your wedding to be like.

There is no reason to go at planning a wedding all on your own. If you need some inspiration and helpful facts about weddings, venues, caterers, party equipment, party tent rentals and more, keep reading for three different wedding categories you need to plan for.

1. Deciding the budget for the wedding

Deciding what the budget will be for the wedding might be one of the more difficult things to check off your list. You have to find out who is donating to the cause and how much they are donating. From there, you can start to gauge what the budget is and decide how you want to allocate all of the money into different categories for the wedding. From party equipment rentals, to the wedding cake, to the wedding dress, to the guest list, the money will surely go fast. Once you set a tight budget, you will not have to worry, though.

Need some ideas for how much your budget should be? In 2012, the average wedding cost are $26,951. When all was said and done, in the same year, the wedding reception itself usually cost around $13,106. That goes to show that the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception can be about equally as costly depending on what choices you make.

2. Choosing the location for you wedding

Once you have a budget, you can move on to choosing a location for your wedding. This decision could range from deciding what state or city to have your wedding in, to whether or not you should have your wedding indoors or outdoors. Picking a season will be essential to deciding both of these things, as well.

Surprisingly, statistics show that outdoor ceremonies and receptions are becoming more popular each year. While there is always a risk for bad weather on the day of your wedding, many brides are willing to take that risk to get the wedding of their dreams. One specific type of wedding that is becoming more popular is a backyard party wedding. You can cut costs by doing a wedding this way, and you can keep it intimate. All you need to do is rent some party equipment and pick from a variety of party tent rentals to set up the perfect backyard wedding.

3. Organize the hundreds of tiny details that are left

This last point may seem rather large, but it is also the fun part of planning a wedding. Once you have crunched the numbers and worked together to decide on a location and a date for your wedding, you can finally start planning all the little details that show your personality and make it all come together. You will need to start with invitations, consider decorations, pick the food, and select any activities like dancing you may want to take place at your wedding reception.

Everything from table rentals, to chair rentals, to selecting a caterer that will make delicious food and a tasty cake are at the top of this list. Don?t forget to spend time with your bridesmaids and groomsmen to select outfits for them that complement the colors and style of your wedding.

Have you ever planned a wedding? Did you rent party equipment and other items to throw an outdoor or backyard wedding? Let us know in the comments how your wedding planning went and what was helpful to keep you less stressed during the planning process.

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