Chair Cover Rentals For An Elegant Party

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Whether you?re hosting a backyard birthday bash, family reunion, baby shower, or a fabulous and elegant wedding, putting a party together involves dozens of details, from guest lists to activities, food, supplies, and decorations. One of the most essential aspects of party planning is considering space and seating arrangements. Not just who will sit near whom at dinner time, but more basically, what will your guests sit on? Not many of us have dozens of extra chairs at home, and even if you do come up with plenty of chairs, you?ll want them to look nice together and add to, rather than detract from, the overall design theme of your party. This is where tent and chair rental services, as well as chair cover rentals, come in handy
Rental linens include table cloths and runners, napkins, chair covers and sashes, and other high-quality, elegant pieces. Whether or not you are hosting an event that requires a rental tent, it is still beneficial to rent your linens, chairs, and chair covers, and tables from the same company. However, you may only need chair cover rentals. Chair covers provide a beautiful drapery for each chair so that you have a consistent, stylish look throughout the event. However, there are a few options to consider for chair cover rentals.

The first is size. Obviously, the type of chair you have will determine the type of chair cover rentals you?ll need. The cover has to fit the size and shape of the chair, and not be too loose or too tight. In addition, some chairs do not need a full cover, in which case you may only need a sash or back overlay.

Second, consider the color you need. White is a classic choice, but also tends to be a bit boring and shows every stain. Black can be elegant, although it is not a suitable color for some occasions. Consider seasonal colors for chair cover rentals, too; a lovely deep burgundy is best for late fall, while pastels are suitable for spring events. However, one need not be constrained by solid colors or customs, since contemporary styles offer a variety of interesting designs, such as neon colors, patterns, and interesting fabrics

A third consideration is the type of chair cover. There are certain types that only fit one style of chair, such as plastic folding chairs or Life time style chairs. Other style types of chair cover rentals are chiavari, which is best on narrow or square-topped chairs that don?t need a full cover, or universal, which, as the names suggests, is designed to fit many types of chairs. The banquet chair cover fits larger and rounded top chairs, and the very hip chair topper, which adds a touch of texture or pattern to a more classically covered chair.

Last, consider the quality of the materials used for the chair cover rentals. High end materials and sturdy construction are essential for a truly elegant look. Do you want natural or synthetic fabrics? Is the fabric stain resistant? Is the sewing double-seamed and properly aligned? These questions and more can lead to an informed decision for your chair cover rentals as well as the rest of your tent accessories and furniture covers. When you are planning the details of an important event, your goal is for every detail to be perfect and to come together for a wonderful party. Trust your tent rentals, furniture and linen needs and more to a quality party rental company; they have experience in the business, and it?s their job to provide all the extra space and furniture you?ll need for an amazing occasion.

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