Closet Organization Methods for Effective Donations

Used clothing donations

Clothing donations are a crucial part to the success of any charity. People may be limited on the amount of financial donations or resources that they are able to donate. However, most people always have some clothing or household items that they no longer use or want. The clothing donation industry is an important method for keeping charities operating and giving them the ability to continue to donate to those who are in need. If you are considering donating some of your unwanted clothing items this month, but are struggling with going through your items, consider going through your closets in one of these methods.

The quick skim methods

Quickly skimming through your closet can be a time efficient way to donate clothing items. Go through your closet as if you are looking for an outfit to wear. Anything that you quickly skim through, pull out and donate it. If it is not sufficient to wear, you are likely to never choose it among your other clothing items. Do the same process in your children?s closets. Look for any outfits you would not dress them in today or any outfits that do not fit them as well as they once did. Put these items into a bag and arrange for a Red Cross clothing pick up.

The reverse hanger method

This process takes a little longer, but leaves you with only the clothing items you really enjoy and will actually use. Turn all of your hangers backwards. Over the next six months, turn the hanger back to its original direction after wearing an item. This process should be simple, because as you wash and rehang the items, you simply flip the hanger direction. After the six month period, pull any clothing items out and arrange for a Red Cross clothing pick up. These are items that you are likely to not wear again.

The change outfit methods

We all have those days where we try on multiple clothing outfits. We pull out an item we have not worn in a while, try it on, make a disapproving look in the mirror, and decide to change. Holding onto those clothing items is often a waste of storage and time. If you were not satisfied with it this time, you are likely to not try it on again. According to the EPA, Americans throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothes per person each year. These changes outfits are often among them. Consider, instead, to include them in your American Red Cross donations pile. A charitable clothing donation center is likely to get good use out of the item you do not really like.

The pull everything out method

A lot of clothing items may sit in the closet untouched for many months, even years, because it is easier to ignore them. However, if you are forced to pull everything out and replace it into your closet, you are less likely to hold onto it. Pull everything out of your closet, pile it on your bed, and begin the sorting process. Americans consume nearly 20 billion garments a year. That is 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per person. Your clothing pile is probably going to be pretty large.

Only rehang or restore the items that you truly believe you will wear again. Do not put it back into your closet if you do not like it, it does not fit, or you have not worn it in a really long time. Instead, add it to your used clothing donations for the Red Cross clothing pick up. Once you have completely reorganized your closet, and the other closets in your home, arrange your Red Cross charity pick up and enjoy your freshly cleaned closets.

Used clothing is a necessary part to the success of many charities. In 2015, charity proceeds from the sale of the donated goods to the thrift stores exceeded $2.5 million, supporting charitable programs locally and nationwide. Many people do not donate unused clothing items because they simply do not know where to begin the process. Attempt one of these methods to effortlessly organize and clean out your closet for your Red Cross clothing pick up.

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