The Many Benefits to Living in a Master Planned Community

What to look for in a planned community

If you have come across the phrase “master planned community” but no one has explained to you what it is then this article is just right for you.

A master planned community is a residential area that has a lot of amenities like parks or lakes as well as bike paths and jogging trails or golf courses and more. The areas are usually very large and the number of amenities that are included in the plan and all the different types there are or what sets it apart from a normal housing subdivision.

So, what are the benefits of master planned communities? If you’re buying a new home then it’s a good idea for you to look into these types of communities while you are on your hunt for homes for sale. The benefits of master planned communities are as follows:

  • There is a huge mix of residential homes, businesses as well as parks. This means that you may not even have to leave the community!

  • There is a large variety of different kinds of houses because master-planned communities usually use a dozen or more different home builders.

  • The roads are planned out just as much as the rest of the community in order to make sure that there is good traffic flow in every part.

  • The amenities are not just your standard clubhouse inclusions like in an apartment. The pools will be more like resort pools, the courts will be up to athletic standards and the fitness centers are like your very own upscale gym.

  • One major amenity that is preserved in these types of communities is nature. All of the parks, sports fields and nature trails are well kept and taking care of as organically as possible.

  • The communities are designed to be welcoming to families which means that the streets will be well lit, sidewalks will be wide, there will be areas where you can have outdoor parties or gathering places and all of the homes have front porches and big yards.

The above reasons are the cosmetic benefits of master planned communities but there is even more thought put into the designing of these places. These communities are not thrown together. There is a lot of conceptualizing, designing, planning and developing of each community in order to make sure that every single square inch is just perfect. Here are some other benefits of master planned communities, in addition to what had already been mentioned.

  • The kinds of people that used to live in these communities understand the sense of community. The ways of the neighborhoods are made is to encourage relationships and friendliness. Everyone that looks into these communities want easy transitions and friendly people around them.

  • It’s important to the designers that everyone truly loves where they live. This means that they want everyone to feel safe enough to let their kids sleep over at the neighbors house or spend weekends at the pool. Inviting your neighbors over for a barbecue or borrowing a cup of sugar is exactly the kind of place that the communities are made to be.

If you are not a people person or don’t like having other people in your business, living in a master-planned community is probably not a good idea for you. The relaxing and community environment of these neighborhoods encourages people to Live life at a slower pace and appreciate those around them. The main kinds of people that live here are families with stay at home moms or retired people. This means that there are always a lot of people around the community. However, even if you are more of a loner, don’t immediately dismiss the idea of living in a place like this. You may find that you’ve never been happier than when you are surrounded by people who truly enjoy life and one another. Many people become isolated because of the bad experiences they have had with people in their lives. Maybe what you need is a new start where your children can grow up in an almost movie like neighborhood and where your neighbors become family. If you’re looking for a change, then it might just be worth it to give it a shot and move in to a master planned community.

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