Finding An Apartment Can Be Tough Five Essential Tips For Beginners And Experienced Movers Alike

Moving to an apartment is a lot of work.

First you have to sit down with your last six months’ paystubs and figure out how you’re going to be tackling the deposit, rent, and bills. Then you have to read consumer reviews to figure out if the apartment complexes you’re interested in are worth the trouble. Adding location convenience and pets to the mix…and it can seem like a downright impossible feat. This is what the basics are for. A huge chunk of today’s renters move on a yearly basis and, somehow, they manage to find locations that suit them.

There are plenty of housing options available to you. Here are five useful tips you should keep in mind when securing a location for yourself.

Make Sure Your Location Is Suitable

This might seem obvious…but it’s easy to get wrapped up in competitive prices and forget about the future. Your location should embrace every aspect of your lifestyle. This means a close proximity to grocery stores, clinics, and your school of choice. A 2016 study determined nearly 30% of Americans rent their home. Factoring in a smart, convenient location on top of amenities and pricing is a surefire recipe for success.

Double-Check Your Apartment’s Amenities

Speaking of amenities…does your apartment have anything else going for it aside from where it’s situated? The United States sees a new unit rented every 80 seconds, with every 30 seconds seeing a new renter moving their belongings to a new place. Amenities give you a little something extra to take the stress off of everyday life. This includes a nearby gym, on-site laundry, a community BBQ pit, a pool, or a children’s playground. A little bit goes a long way!

Pet-Friendly Apartments Require An Extra Deposit

For those with pets, listen closely. You want to make sure your apartment is accommodating in all areas, as the last thing you need is paying an extra fee. A pet friendly apartment should have a list of the kinds of animals they do and don’t accept. It’s common for pet friendly apartments to require a separate deposit for your cat or dog, which can range in price depending on how much you pay for rent. Additional pets might also need a higher deposit, too!

Take Photos Of Any And All Damage

Off campus apartments and pet friendly apartments are hard enough to find. Make things easier on yourself by pulling out your camera and snapping pictures of any damage you see before moving in. This includes cracks in the walls, stains in the carpet, missing nails, damaged appliances, and windows that won’t shut. You don’t want to be blamed if someone else dropped the ball! Make sure to send these photos to your landlord or similar authority and keep your records on hand, as it could save you hundreds upon moving out again.

Ask For A Tour Of The Apartment

Last, but not least…even the best pet friendly housing still needs to be looked over. Housing options for students, families, and individuals alike is a complex process. You want to get as many bases covered as possible so you can live comfortably, though it’s important to remember there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ place. According to data provided by the Rental Protection Agency, nearly 2,600 individuals enter the rental market every day in need of housing. Apartment success, just like any other form of success, is a series of steps.

Keep this list on-hand and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Ready to seek out your greener pastures?

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