How Interior Design Can be Done Right

Homeowners enjoy a particular advantage over those who rent their property: they can remodel the interior or exterior of their houses, and even landscaping can be done to improve the appeal of a property when professionals are hired to get this work done. Interior design today can take a wide variety of forms, and interior decorating can range from small projects such as changing the knobs on cabinets or drawers all the way to hiring a plumber to replace the toilet or replacing the stove in the kitchen. Decorating your home also involves the furniture, carpets, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, and more, meaning that interior design for American homes can take a wide variety of forms. Interior design may be done for just one or two particular rooms, or interior design can span the entire house (35% of remodeling jobs involve the entire home), and a cohesive theme can be designed by interior designers such as art deco or Mission pioneer style. How and why should a homeowner launch such a project, and who wants to get it done?

Why Invest

There are good reasons to invest time and money into an interior decoration or remodeling job, or the related field of landscaping. The first is the most apparent: the enjoyment of the newly designed interior or back lawn. Redesigning a room or the back yard can add new and fresh features to a room or the yard, and a homeowner may appreciate their house all over again once its design is modified with new parts and decorations. Inside, for example, the kitchen can be remodeled, which in turn inspires many homeowners to start doing a lot more home cooking. Similarly, a remodeled bathroom is a luxurious place for a bath or shower, and a person can take their time with cosmetics, hair dyeing or styling, or shaving at the sink and mirror. In the back yard, items such as a wooden fence, trees, and shrubs can add beauty to the landscape, and features such as swimming pools, wooden decks, and grills are useful and fun.

Another reason to try interior design or remodeling is the ROI, or return of investment. It is not only the current homeowner who will enjoy the new features, but also future occupants. A homeowner may find it easy to sell their property when there is landscaping and interior design work in place, and this means that the property will probably sell faster and will also fetch a higher price due to its appealing and possibly unique features. Rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen may have a ROI as high as 700-80%, and it has been found that investing as little as 5% of the property’s value on landscaping can yield a ROI as high as 150%, a considerable amount.

The Work

The interior design space industry is huge, generating some $10 billion every year, and there are plenty of homeowners looking for home improvement work and remodeling crews to hire. It is usually the older homeowners who spend the most on such work, but younger homeowners, such as those of the Millennial generation, are starting to catch up, and more and more of them are buying homes and also investing in interior decorating and landscaping.

What might an interior decorating job look like once complete? The kitchen is a popular place for remodeling work, and it can be totally transformed once workers are finished with it. The floor tiles can be torn up and replaced with fresh new ones, and the cabinet doors can be repainted or even swapped out for new ones if they are dirty or scratched. What is more, the stove, fridge, or even the microwave may be replaced with new ones that may also have more features. The countertop may also be replaced, and a new one may be made of granite or marble for an attractive but tough countertop.

The bathroom can also be updated, such as replacing the floor tiles or the lighting fixtures, or upgrading the toilet, sink, shower, or tub with new models that are appealing and also save on water during use. This can help the new features pay for themselves in the long run.

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