Storage Space When It Matters

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There are some statistics that are important as well for the purpose of this article. They are:

  • There are an estimated 52,500 storage facilities.
  • The storage facility industry employs 172,000.
  • The storage unit industry generates an estimated $22 billion dollars.

This article is going to be about storage, why Americans need storage, why Americans have so many things, and why those things are always going to storage or being preserved in houses or not being thrown away. There will be mentions about hoarders, because that is a popular show, and about people who have a great deal of things.

Firstly, having things is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many people who will say that having a great deal of things is a bad thing and a sign of greed. This is, however, not true, as things have a certain amount of value, both financially and emotionally, which can make it difficult to give things or let things go.

A person might like a lot of things because of the financial value. A set of antique furniture, for instance, may have value that makes it worth a great deal, sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is a major thing among people who have a financial bent to them. They are sitting on thousands of dollars worth of furniture.

They will not want to get rid of it.

Furniture can also have emotional value attached to it. Often, there is furniture that has been in the family for generations. Or furniture that was made 20 years ago and has been through a great deal and the person wants to hold onto it. A person may have a coffee table that has been with them since college and they want to keep it.

There are many reasons why someone would want to hold onto furniture.

But there comes a found when holding onto things becomes an emotional issue, one that begins to harm their life. This is the case with the people on the television show called Hoarders, where people have all these different things in their home that have little value financially and too much value emotionally and the person won’t throw them away.

People who hoard generally have psychological issues in which they assign to much value to objects and can’t let them go for emotional reasons. This can cause harm within the individual, their life, their family’s life, and many others. Further, their house could be condemned because of the conditions, hurting the place where they have lived.

A person then has the option of getting rid of things, which will cause emotionally hurt (but will likely make them feel better in the long run) or risk losing their place of residence, which they have likely paid off years ago. This will deprive them of a place to live, which could be difficult as well.

A person has the option of putting items into storage if they really feel they need to. There are thousands of spaces around the country dedicated to this practice, with many of them charging relatively low fees to use their facilities. There are many different options as well for places to do this.

There are storage spaces that are indoors but have outdoor access. These can be some of the cheapest storage spaces possible. There are storage spaces with different sizes, so that a person can choose what they want to store and how much of it. There are storage spaces behind a gated access and those that are indoors and temperature controlled.

For many Americans, having things has emotional and financial value. The emotional value aspect sometimes leads people to store a great deal of goods in their home, becoming hoarders. This can damage a person’s life. A person can get help or move their items into storage to help.

Storage alleviates many of the issues. Americans generally have a choice when it comes to possessions: keep them, throw them out, or give them to others. It is a difficult decision.

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