Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022

In a YouTube video by Mr. Cabinet Care titled “Top 5 Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022” they discuss five design trends that affect kitchen remodeling. The first trend is that two-tone colors in kitchen cabinets are becoming a popular trend.

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White or beige is paired with blue, black, yellow, red, and other bright colors in cabinet design. Neutral colors are paired with lighter colors too. Buying new appliances with bright colors will make your kitchen pop or stand out when you have company or entertain. Bright colors add to a kitchen’s ambiance.

Darker tones are popular in some kitchens, with consumers choosing dark wood cabinets like cherry, mahogany, oak, and maple. Kitchen counters made of stone in dark colors and designs are popular. Often, dark cabinets lighten up when paired with neutral or light wall paint or wallpaper.

Installing LED lights and fixtures is popular to brighten up the kitchen. A dark kitchen will look better with several LED lights installed or a large fixture. Popular kitchen remodeling trends this year show customers want trendy contemporary cabinets that fit their modern homes. Overall, these are some kitchen remodeling trends you should consider when you want to update or remodel your kitchen.

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