Four Reasons to Have a Preferred 24 Hour Clinic Location

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You probably have a primary physician that handles all of your family?s medical needs. You might even have a preferred hospital that already has your records available. But, do you have preferred 24 hour urgent care location? There are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today, and the number is growing. Urgent Care professionals have developed Urgent Care medicine into an important, recognized specialty that represents this fast growing medical field. The rapid growth of the industry is just one of the great reasons to have a preferred location out of the many local emergency clinics.

To handle after hours pediatric medical concerns
It seems like babies are always sick. You have probably called your pediatrician numerous times throughout the day, simply to ask questions. However, if one of these common pediatric concerns occurs after business hours, you are left with the decision to run to the local emergency room or wait until your pediatrician?s office opens in the morning. Local emergency clinics offer a convenient care that allows you to get your after hours pediatric questions answered by professional and qualified physicians.

To handle minor medical concerns
There are some adult medical concerns that do not seem to warrant a visit to the local emergency room, but you simply cannot find the time to get an appointment with your physician. Local emergency clinics are perfect for this. Additionally, you are more likely to go, if you have a preferred emergency clinic in mind. Emergency room visits now number approximately 110 million annually. Avoid long waits and crowded emergency room lobbies by seeking medical care at local emergency clinics.

To receive minor routine medical services
Schools and new jobs often require medical physicals or vaccination records. Yet, it can seem almost impossible to get into your physician for such a minor and routine medical need. Physician?s offices often schedule based on need and those patients with cold and flu symptoms, or other concerns, are going to quickly fill up the available appointments.

Fortunately, you can still get your routine vaccinations and medical forms filled out at local emergency clinics. The average urgent care center saw 342 patients per week in 2011, according to the Urgent Care Association of America. Additionally, the average center experienced an increase of 28 additional patients per month. However, the way that the local emergency clinics are set up allows them to see additional patients, resulting in advanced diagnostic and laboratory services and shorter wait times for you.

To reduce aggravating symptoms
Most people have experienced cold and flu symptoms at some point in their life. Most strains of this illness simply have to run their course, leaving you feeling miserable. However, medical professionals might not be able to give you something to cure a common cold or flu, but they can give you something to relieve your symptoms. These over the counter medications can help you get a good night of sleep, go back to work, or simply feel normal again. Having a preferred local emergency clinic means you don?t have to do extensive research when you are already feeling poorly.

Most people have their preferred medical providers. They go to the same primary physician, hospital, and even pharmacist. The newest form of medical care is local emergency care clinics and it is also important to have a preferred one of those. They are a convenient medical care option that is perfect for those medical concerns not worth an emergency room visit, yet you cannot get an early enough appointment with your primary physician.

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