9 Tips for Putting Modern Decor in Your Home

Handmade wood furniture

If you are one of the 27% of the country who has not updated the style of their home in five years or more, it might be time. If you would like to add a modern look to your home, there are things you can do, beyond buying a lot of modern furniture. Here are some tips to update the look of your home to a modern one.

  1. Think about fun. Often, when people think about modern decor, they think of harsh modern furniture but it can be fun and have some whimsy, too. Adding some artwork that is abstract. Put in an interesting lamp or another kind of light fixture. A modern look does not have to be harsh.
  2. Mix and match to find your own style. You do not have to have all furniture of the same style. If your current furniture and look is more Traditional when you want to update the look of your home, you do not have to throw all that out and bring in all new modern furniture. There are people who think that by combining multiple styles or taking custom wood furniture that has a traditional look with modern furniture will make the rooms look like they clash but that is not true.
  3. Lighten up your space. If the spaces you are working with are smaller, you do not have to get custom furniture made to make a space seem larger. What you can do is lighten up your walls. Darker colors will shrink a space, while light colors open the spaces up.
  4. Consider warm colors. Light does not have to mean cold. When you add warmer colors to your space you can add softness to help even out the look from the modern furniture pieces.
  5. Add bright color. Even if you have painted the walls in your room with a lighter color, using contemporary furniture or items to bring a splash of color to your space can make a big difference in the look of your home.
  6. Make a statement with a focal wall. If you have something, such as a fireplace, you can expand the influence it has on the way people view the room. If you are going for a more modern look, you should refrain from making this too flashy but you can really spruce up your space with a focal wall.
  7. Look at simple modern furniture pieces. These can be very relaxing and make your modern decor space look more inviting and friendly to people you have in your home. One thing that defines the modern look is the fact that designers in this style use sleek and clean lines. Keep in mind that clean and crisp does not have to mean straight. Not all modern furniture is without curves. A few of them can really change up the look of a home.
  8. Make the most of your windows. A lot of modern homes have large, expansive windows. If you want to get a modern look, do not have large windows and do not want to put new ones in, you can make your home look more modern by adding mirrors across from your windows. This amplifies the amount of light that comes in and give you a similar look to what you get when you have larger windows.
  9. Go with what you like. Sometimes people, whatever the style is that they are trying to bring into their home, think there are strict rules that they have to follow. When it comes to decorating your home, the most important rule is to get the items and pieces that you like. If you need inspiration, you can look to various websites and magazines. At the end of the day, the main point is that you should be happy with the look of the space in which you live. That is the only real rule you should try to adhere to.

The modern look is one of the most popular in the United States. Nearly 22% of all Americans say this is the look they like the most. If you want to get that look for your home, these tips should help.

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