Five Benefits of Visiting Urgent Care Instead of the ER

Childrens walk in clinic

A medical emergency is never a situation you want to find yourself in. However, it’s important that you know what to do if an emergency occurs. Many people believe it’s best to visit an emergency room if you something sudden happens. You might be surprised to learn about the beneficial treatment that urgent care provides. An urgent care provides treatment for a large number of medical situations. In this post, you will learn five benefits of visiting an urgent care facility.

  1. Less Time Spent Waiting

    One of the burdens of visiting a medical facility is the wait time. You don’t want to spend hours in a room sitting in pain. Many visits to the emergency room are easily treatable at the best urgent care facility near you. Nearly 60% of urgent care facilities will have a wait time under 15 minutes. You might spend hours waiting for treatment in an emergency room. Making matters worse, you will usually find that a big bill awaits you after leaving the hospital’s emergency care.
  2. Often Less Expensive than an Emergency Room Visit

    Anyone who has been treated at a hospital knows the bills are often large. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is paying a hefty emergency room bill. Many people visit the best urgent care near their location to save on those large bills. One study finds that the average urgent care case costs $226 to treat while the same situation costs $2,039 to treat in an emergency room. You will find that an emergency room will not treat someone who has no insurance. An urgent care facility is preferred by people without insurance because it allows them to receive the treatment they need.
  3. Professionally Trained Staff

    It’s understandable to inquire about the staff at the best urgent care in your area. You will find professionally trained physicians are the ones practicing in urgent care facilities. Research shows that over 20,000 physicians are currently employed by urgent care organizations.
  4. Ability to Treat a Wide Number of Conditions

    You will find that the best urgent care facilities near you handle a wide range of situations. Of course, there are certain situations that must be treated in an emergency room. The main rule to remember is anything immediately life threatening should be handled at the ER. Common ailments including cold, flu and minor injuries can all be treated at an urgent care facility. Many new parents are seeing the previously mentioned benefits of urgent care. It’s easy for us to ignore a few small medical problems. However, parents with children never want to let anything go untreated. Parents will be happy to know that urgent care for kids is a great way to have them treated while saving money.
  5. Operating Hours to Accommodate Busy Schedules

    You might think that only an emergency room will be open late at night. However, many urgent care facilities across the nation have extended business hours. These longer hours help to accommodate someone dealing with a problem after hours. Many people who have their own physicians will visit an urgent care if their doctor is unavailable.

In summary, there are many beneficial reasons to consider visiting an urgent care facility. You will find that waiting times are often shorter versus an emergency room. Many people enjoy paying less expensive bills after being treated at an urgent care location. Urgent care facilities employ professionally trained physicians that are able to treat many different conditions. You will find that ailments ranging from minor to major can be taken care of by visiting the best urgent care location near you.

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