Need An Outdoor Structure For Your Animal? Consider Amish Built!

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Are you someone who has outdoor animals and is looking for a way to provide adequate shelter for them while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing backyard space? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of Americans every day are looking for something similar. Whether you own dogs, chickens, or rabbits there is a kennel, coop, or hutch with your name on it. If you want to make sure the structure you buy is made well from materials that will last, you should absolutely look to purchase something Amish built. Below is a description of three commonly purchased outdoor structures for animals that are Amish built and 100 percent hand crafted:

1. Amish Built Chicken Coops – Owning chickens is growing in popularity across America. In fact, over one million chickens are in the backyards of American homes on any given day. Having a coop to keep your chickens sheltered is incredibly important, so make sure that the structure you choose is the right material and size for your flock. Remember to always give yourself a bit more space than you think you need in case you decide to purchase a few more birds. Nothing beats waking up to fresh eggs in the morning!

2. Amish Built Dog Kennels – Dogs are such great companions and easily become part of the family. If you have a dog that stays outdoors the majority of the time you want them to feel like they have a space of their own. One way to ensure they have this while also making sure they have shelter is to look into purchasing a wooden dog kennel with run. Not only does a wooden dog kennel with run provide a house like structure with a roof for when the weather is not good or the dog wants to sleep, but it also provides space for the dog to walk around, play, or lie in the sun if they’d like.

3. Amish Built Rabbit Hutches – Another backyard animal that is growing in popularity is the rabbit! These furry guys are fun for kids and adults alike to play with and watch run around in the yard. Amish rabbit hutches are hand made and typically have two sections in the single structure: an outdoor facing section with a screen and a roofed section where the rabbit can sleep and get shelter from the elements. Rabbit hutches are not too big, and when they are Amish built you can be sure they won’t be an eyesore in your outdoor space.

A few things to note if you order your Amish structures online: every item is made by hand so your wait time could be anywhere between twelve and sixteen weeks. You may get a choice of wood when you order, but keep in mind that most Amish furniture is made from either oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple. Each one of these types of wood is strong which makes the structure you purchase built to last. Whether your next purchase of Amish built furniture is a wooden dog kennel with run, a chicken coop, or a rabbit hutch, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the product.

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