Do You Love Your Days at the Beach?

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The vacations on the beach are magical. Your family loves the long days in the sun building sand castles and watching the waves. They enjoy evening sail boating trips to see the sunset. They live for days of wake boarding and surfing, and the occasional opportunity to go parasailing and other more adventurous opportunities. The problem with the beach vacations, however, is that they too quickly come to an end and you find yourself back home and landlocked. For this reason, you are looking forward to the plan to remodel the kitchen in your home to include several nautical home decorations. The kids are excited, you are anxious for the project to start, and even your husband has been shouting beach worthy comments as he comes downstairs for breakfast.
Brass Nautical Clocks, Life Preserver Wall Decor, and Other Options Help You Bring the Beach Back Home with You
A fresh clean look is easy to achieve if you decide to paint the walls white and bring in the bright blues, yellows, and reds that many associate with beach decorations. Likewise, it is easy to create a comfortable, homey feel with polished brass nautical clocks and other maritime accessories. If you need a little motivation to make the move to start your next decorating project, consider these facts:

  • As many as 47% of Americans have not updated their home decor in the last five years.
  • Homes are where many Americans spend a majority of their time. In fact, more than one-third of people spend between five and eight waking hours in their houses each day. Another 26% report that they spend between nine and 12 hours a day at home. Doesn’t it make sense to make sure that your decor is both relaxing and inviting?
  • Only 20% of Americans indicate that they are happy with their home decor. In fact, 14% said their home furnishings make them feel stressed and gloomy.
  • Yearly, the home decor market brings in as much as $65.2 billion.

  • Making afresh change in your main space living decor can help you start each day with more energy and more enthusiasm.
  • According to one recent survey, 65% of women and 58% of men would rather shop for items for their homes, than they would shop for shoes.
  • The summer slips by too quickly and the days at the beach are too few, so maybe it is time to make sure that you can remember the beach even when you are back at home by including nautically themed accents in your home decor.
  • Even including decorations like brass nautical clocks and lighthouses in your laundry room can help you remember the beach when you are attending to the daily task of washing clothes.

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