The Benefits of Classy Canes

Walking canes

Senior citizens falling can be serious business. Senior citizens make two million trips to the emergency room every year for injuries sustained during falls. These can be injuries to wrists, legs, hips, head, and anything in between. Sometimes these injuries are sever enough that the person is never the same again. All the more reason to do everything possible to prevent such falls. Canes are an easy step in that direction.

1. Two of the most common reasons for falls are unsteadiness and dizziness. This can happen when either standing up or walking. Having a mobility device, such as canes and walking sticks, can be a life saver. Canes prevent the falling by giving the user added stability. And use them everywhere, not just outdoors. 50% of falls in older adults occur in the home. It is the place people spend most of their time and falls and accidents can happen in those familiar settings.

2. Osteoarthritis can cause mobility issues. 22% of cane users cite osteoarthritis for their cane use. Palm grip canes and classy canes are particularly useful for osteoarthritis. Canes and walking sticks give the users something to lean on and help support their body. This makes walking easier and safer.

3. The cool kids are doing it. Using canes are common among older adults. Over 10% of people over the age of 65 use a cane. That number jumps to 40% over the age of 85 use a cane. But canes are no longer boring. They come in fun designs, colors, and styles to fit the unique personality of each person. Classy canes, wooden canes, carbon fiber canes, custom walking canes, and even folding canes are all available. These days, classy canes are an accessory like a good purse or special glasses, a way to express one’s true self with the added ability to walk and get around.

Canes and walking sticks are mobility devices that can help senior citizens by preventing falls. They can even save lives. But they are cool now, too. The different designs and styles make it a fun experience and a unique attribute for wardrobes. Classy canes and walking sticks are as individual as their owners personalities, making them perfect companions. Rest at ease with the senior citizens in your life by getting them a decorative and classy cane to help with their mobility.

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