Creatures That Could be Lurking on the Mattresses in Your Home

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Many new parents think they have covered every angle when it comes to their little bundle of joy. Many times this is the case, however too many times the crib mattress is overlooked during this process. Choosing the perfect kids fitted sheets could be the difference between protecting your child from creatures which lurk beneath that sheet, and allowing those creatures free access to your child. To better understand your choice you must first understand the creatures which could potentially be living on the mattress your child is laying on.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are common on mattresses and other bedding items. Pillows, linens and stuffed animals can also become infested with dust mites. These parasites feed off of dead skin cells and hair which has fallen out. A very simple way to keep dust mites at bay is to invest in a quality mattress cover which completely covers the bedding. Adult bedding, children’s bedding and baby bedding should be protected from dust mites. Kids fitted sheets with dust mite barriers help prevent these parasites from residing in the same bed as your precious little one. Newborn babies sleep an average of 10 and a half to 18 hours per day. This leaves many hours for these parasites to feed and multiply if not properly remedied.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the most common creatures typically found on any mattress. Mattresses which hold your children or babies can easily be infested with bed bugs for days or even weeks before you know they are there. Bed bugs choose to make themselves comfortable inside of the mattress, but these are not the only places they like to hide. Other dark spaces and crevices and cracks attract bed bugs. This makes them extremely good at sneaking into your house from another house. They can reside at other houses and even hotel rooms. These creatures bits their victims at night while they are sleeping. These bites become itchy and irritated a few hours to a few days after the bits. Those with small kids could experience sever problems when it comes to infestations of bed bugs. Choosing the right mattress cover or a kids fitted sheet which protects from these creatures and other parasites eliminates places for these bugs to hide and multiply.


Pathogens are not readily available to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean they are not present in your mattress or your kids mattress. These organisms are typically residing within the mattress that you and your family sleep on. These organisms present serious problems for those with a compromised immune system. Newborns are also susceptible to serious illness because of their underdeveloped immune systems. Those with sever allergies may experience adverse side effects from these pathogens as well. Finding a good mattress cover helps prevent these pathogens from ever reaching your loved ones in the first place.

What Can You Do

People spend a large amount of their lives in their bed, especially babies and children. School aged children require nine to eleven hours of sleep per night, while younger children require more. Washing sheets on a regular basis not only promotes a good night’s sleep, but also helps ward off many creatures lurking on your mattress or in it. Around 78% of Americans admit to being more excited to going to bed on clean bed sheets, and the same goes with your kiddos. Baby crib sheets and crib fitted sheets should not only fit snug, but should also protect your child and the mattress they lay on. Kids fitted sheets and adult fitted sheets should provide protection against unwanted creatures and be easy to clean and care for.

Choosing kids fitted sheets is a big task, especially when it comes to protective sheets that will last for many years. Whether choosing a fitted crib sheet, a child’s fitted sheet or an adult fitted sheet take your time and choose carefully. Consider all your options and make the best choice when it comes to comfort and protection.

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