Are You Planning One More Party for the End of Summer 2016?

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Summer is winding down. School is starting.
As many see the summer of 2016 coming to its end, others are just beginning the process of planning for one more celebration. It may be a Labor Day weekend event at the lake, an end of the summer engagement party for an oldest daughter, a Sweet Sixteen party for the newest driver in the family, or a back to school get together for a high school staff at a newly remodeled building. For whatever reason at whatever time, the party planning takes time, effort, and organization.
Simple backyard party rentals still require guest numbers and enough tables, seating, and chair cover rentals for all in attendance. Adding in event tent rentals means that even if the weather does not completely cooperate the event can go on as planned. Consider some of the latest party planning trends as you order the basic tables, seating options, tents, and chair cover rentals:
Sailcloth Tents
Families who are looking for a different way to keep the elements off the dance floor, the perfectly selected chair cover rentals, and the delicious food might decide to look beyond the basic tent rental. Sailcloth tents that are available in several colors come with mountain peak looking points that can be decorated with romantic lighting for weddings, receptions, and engagement parties. Inspired by the whitecaps on the sea, these large tented rentals have become some of the most popular choices by brides and party planners across America. Tall enough to keep the sound from becoming overwhelming, this option can also allow plenty of circulation for warm end of the summer events with an elegant look not provided by more standard options.
Lighted Furniture
Although standard seating with uniform chair cover rentals work great for seating around dinner tables, many party planners look for more creative seating options for other spaces. Uniquely colored LED furniture is a guaranteed way to make an event stand out from similar events. Because most evening parties and gatherings are set in low-light situations, LED furniture has that added bonus of creating both light and color in a creative way. Selected to match the other decorations for a party, LED furniture can be the perfect solution to add structure into nearly any venue. Indoors or outdoors, these lighted seating pieces encourage people to stay away from other crowded areas like the bar or the dance floor. A quieter lit area allows for conversation areas for friends and family members.
Photo Booths
Selfies, Snapchats, and Vines. This is the year of the photo. And while everyone has always liked pictures of themselves celebrating with their friends, today’s party photo booths are a very popular option. Filled with props to match the event, attendees and their BFFs can gather in the booth to commemorate the event. Some brides and grooms, in fact, have special photo albums so that guests can leave the new couple a record of the fun as well. Staffed by someone from the rental company to make sure that everything goes as planned and additional supplies are available, a photo booth, like lighted seating, provides another escape from the crowded dance floor and the bar.
Specialty Drink Machines

Whether they make daiquiris, non alcoholic smoothies, or slushy Moscow Mules, specialty drink machines provide cool refreshments for an entire event. Located near the bar, these drink machines are still closely monitored for guest’s age and consumption, these specialty drink machines are a fun part of any party plan. And for event planners who want a frozen offering that is not a drink, another popular option is soft serve ice cream machines with a toppings bar. With everything from candy sprinkles to gummi bears, and chopped up chocolate cookies to traditional butterscotch, guests can create their own unique desserts throughout the event.
The end of summer can be a transition for many things. New schools, upcoming weddings, the right of passage into being a driver, announcing an upcoming wedding, or a last day at the lake. No matter if it is a party for a small group of family or a large crowd of friends, rental companies help planners make these events easier to manage and to organize.

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