5 Home Remedies to Provide Relief from Headaches

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A headache is often one of the most annoying things someone has to deal with. There are many types of headaches, each with their own severity levels. If you are dealing with headaches, it’s likely you want to get rid of it right away. Here are five ways that you can get rid of a headache at home. If a headache is unable to be treated at home, you’ll want to visit an urgent medical care facility.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

    You probably find yourself in need of large amounts of caffeine throughout the day. In many cases, caffeine consumption is done through consuming large cups of coffee. Other people opt to get their energy rush from sugary sodas. Unfortunately, both coffee and sodas can cause you to become dehydrated. Your body needs water to function, a headache is often a sign you’re not getting enough liquids.
  2. Apply Peppermint Oil

    Many people reach for peppermint oil at the first sign of a headache. Peppermint oil has been used as a home remedy for many conditions throughout history. Research shows that peppermint oil can help soothe aching muscles while increasing blood flow. Many headaches are caused by restricted blood flow. Peppermint oil can help cure a headache in a matter of minutes.
  3. Give Yourself a Pressure Point Massage

    A massage can sometimes work wonders on a stubborn headache. There are a few massage methods you’ll want to try when a headache strikes. One popular massage for reducing headaches involves lightly rubbing your temples for a few minutes. In some cases, a massage can loosen tensed muscle and improve blood flow. Massaging the area between your first and second toes is another way to help provide headache relief.
  4. Take a Hot Bath or Shower

    One solution for how to treat headaches involves the use of steam. When released, steam helps to reduce congestion and tightness in your head. A shower helps to ensure that steam continues to hang in the air. Many people who are sick feel a shower helps to clear headaches related to a cold or flu.
  5. Start Stretching and Get Moving

    It’s easy to get comfortable and forget to take a break to stretch. As you stay in one place, your body begins to experience tension. It’s common for people to experience headaches in the workplace due to poor posture. It’s recommended that you get up at least once per hour to stretch and walk around a bit.

If you’re finding your headache is still present, it’s time to seek urgent medical care. Statistics show that there are nearly 20,000 physicians practicing Urgent Care Medicine, with this number growing constantly. It’s wise to utilize the benefits of legacy care, a service combining both emergency and urgent care. The average urgent medical care facility is able to treat about 4.5 patients every hour. Legacy care has facilities and staff to treat patients with widely varying medical needs, ensuring waiting times remain short. Milliman reports that nearly 44-65% of emergency room visits could be handled at an urgent medical care facility, making legacy care the best possible treatment choice.

In closing, how to treat headaches is beneficial to learn. There are several ways you can get rid of headaches within the home. Staying hydrated is extremely important to keep headaches away. Peppermint oil has been used to treat many ailments throughout time including headaches. You might find that a few minutes of massaging pressure point can reduce the pain associated with having a headache. Relaxing in a hot shower allows steam to help clear up restricted blood flow, especially around the forehead. Standing still for too long is a common cause of headaches which makes taking breaks essential. If your headache does not get better, it’s wise to visit a legacy care facility.

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