Medical Care Every Hour of the Day for Your Family

Urgent care in mckinney tx

Every year, approximately 110 million emergency room visits take place for a variety of reasons. Many physicians are moving into urgent care, which encompass a brand range of facilities, from those that open their doors slightly longer than your average care physician, to those whose hours are open 24/7 or on holidays for your healthcare needs. Approximately 20,000 physicians in the U.S. practice Urgent Care medicine to this day, understanding that there will always be a need for those dealing with medical emergency and in need of after hours medical care. 24 hour walk in clinics serve people in a variety of areas, to those dealing with abdominal pain that are unsure about the state of their health, to those who have frequent headaches and need relief.

Americans rely quite heavily on 24-hour access to these clinics due to the increase in visits over the past decade alone. Not only is urgent care necessary for those who need medical care in a timely manner, but it also helps you save on medical costs. For example, urgent care visits cost about $103 per patient, while the average emergency room visit could set you back $302. This is a convenient quality and cost for those who need it. For the smaller cost, you get the same standard of care, from flu treatment, to treatment and imaging for your chest pain, to bandaging for lacerations. Urgent care is quickly becoming that of ER care without the wait! And, you may be surprised to find that studies show that 44-65% of ER episodes could have been treated just as easily in an urgent care setting through after hours medical care that is specialized just for you.

Even for those dealing with minor illnesses, or minor burns or back pain, or really any type of ailment that drives you to an urgent care center after hours, a physician will be dedicated to your care and help you get the best results that you would have received in an emergency room setting – only better, because you are saving on costs and time!

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