3 Tips for Updating Your Condo’s Look

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Did you know that the furniture and home furnishing industry is worth about $101 billion annually? That?s a lot of curtains. It might be time, though, to switch up your interior decorating. If you?re working on furnishing a condo, you might have a lot of reasons for getting a stylish interior. It may have been years since you looked around your place and switched things up — or you may be downsizing after the kids moved out, and you need gear for your new pad.

Alternatively, you may be planning to move out soon — and you know how much interior design can potentially impact your home?s ability to sell.

So: what tips should you know for furniture shopping for a condo? We have a few things you should keep in mind for your visit to furniture stores.

1. Choose an Overarching Style

Do you love the clean lines of modern design, or are you a fan of something a bit more traditional and romantic? Know before you start loading up your online shopping cart what sort of vibe you want your home to have. A white, modern table might look great in your family room, but not if you?re trying to pair it with heavy wooden chairs with a lot of ornamentation going on.

2. Invest in Magazines

Design magazines can cost $4 to $5 and will give you endless ideas for refurbishing your home. The problem with relying on just our own sense of style is that you tend to see spaces the same way over and over. Instead of simply buying new drapes, for example, a magazine can give you ideas for radically switching up the way you address your windows. Magazines can also give you an idea of how to use things like accent colors throughout a room without creating an overwhelming color experience. Tips for furnishing a condo should always include choosing your color scheme before hand.

3. Don?t Forget the Walls

Walls are often an afterthought for many homeowners, but if you?re switching up your interior you should give some focus to this space from the getgo. An innovative way to hang your photographs: buy many small photo frames at once. Then, spray paint them a uniform color (typically, the accent color you are using throughout the room). This will create an interesting, artwork-like display of your cherished photographs.

Do you have additional tips for furniture shopping for a condo? Let us know. Get more on this here.

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