3 Important Things You Need to Know About Having an Eldercare Plan

Senior care services

Did you know that about 70% of Americans over the age of 65 are going to need long-term care? While it can be tempting to delay addressing the realities of aging, all too soon the problem will rear its head and you?ll find yourself stuck with a lack of information about what to do next.

The key to having a good plan for eldercare is, not surprisingly, not leaving it off until the last minute. What is it exactly that you need to know? Let?s review.

Do Your Research

Did you know that numerous eldercare facilities across the country have gotten in trouble for having inadequate staff to guest ratios? This can quickly lead to problems developing — if residents do not receive an adequate amount of care, those with less mobility can often run into problems like developing bedsores. Not to mention that overworked nurses and aids are going to be less adept at recognizing problems that arise or notice patterns occurring day after day. Make sure any assisted living facility you consider has a good local reputation and solid reviews. See if there are any pending lawsuits against them — and why.

Get Prepared

It can be tempting to leave off the option of a residence facility for as long as possible. However, you?re going to run into several problems. As people age, their ability to do daily tasks diminishes. Sometimes this happens slowly, but as many people with aging parents or grandparents have experienced, sometimes it can seem to happen all at once — someone who was formerly quite competent, within a matter of months, can?t be trusted to remember to turn off the kitchen burner. A home that was once comforting can quickly become a trap as your elderly loved one struggles with everything from the bathroom to the stairs, and updating these features to accommodate them can be incredibly costly. You also don?t want a worse case scenario — if your father falls in the bathroom and can?t get up, for example, is anyone likely to find him within a few hours? Senior care services eliminate these worrying situations.

Find the Right Fit

Many nursing homes offer great benefits to seniors in order to ensure that they don?t feel lonely or bored. In fact, this can often be a welcome situation for those who have been aging out of their current homes. Elderly people who can no longer drive, for example, are often cut off from socializing with their friends. Visiting a retirement community can open the door to new friendships and fun. Some nursing homes offer things like tennis and mini golf, while others may concentrate on encouraging activities like movie nights, ice cream socials, etc.

So there you have it — there are numerous reasons you should start looking into eldercare NOW, rather than several years down the line. Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know your thoughts!

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