The Benefit of Amish Furniture

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With a home comes a lot of stuff, and with a lot of stuff comes a need for storage space. While storage space could be achieved through the purchasing of discount sheds from the likes of Home Depot or Lowe’s, it’s likely that those pieces of furniture and storage will not last you very long. Purchasing home furniture calls for longevity: You want to spend your money wisely, particularly on something that will last for the years to come. In that case, rather than settling for those cheap, discount sheds, you should consider handmade furniture.

The premier handmade furniture of the United States is that which comes from the Amish. First “discovered” by Americans in the 1920s, Amish furniture is highly regarded for its beauty, quality, and eye for craftsmanship. The Amish, who live in a society where electric power is not used, handcraft all of their items, meaning that you will not end up with a piece of machined furniture that was blindly run through a machine. The results show just how fantastic the furniture is, as their furniture is meant to last.

1900 out of 2000 consumers polled (95%) stated that, when purchasing furniture, they “expect (it) to last for many years.” Amish furniture goes to show just how well crafted it is too, as where most wooden sheds might last upwards of 15 years, Amish furniture can have a lifetime of over 20. Similarly, rather than using cheap, leftover wood, Amish furniture will rely on five types of wood: oak, cherry, walnut, hickory, or maple. Compared to those discount sheds you might find at Lowe’s, sheds built with these types of wood are designed to last, as the quality of the materials utilized are much better.

Discount sheds aren’t the only thing that they are able to surpass with their craftsmanship either, as
the Amish build a variety of furniture that can readily be purchased, hand-built, and shipped to your home in the matter of just 12 to 16 weeks. Here are just a few examples:

  • Amish dog house
  • Amish gazebos
  • Amish pool house
  • Amish horse barns
  • Amish sheds
  • Amish storage barns
  • Amish prefab garage
  • Amish rabbit hutch

The craftsmanship shows just how amazing the quality of the furniture is. Ditch your plans of purchasing one of those discount sheds and purchase exceptional woodworking.

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