Senior Care in Assisted Living Facilities

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Senior care is becoming an increasingly important part of the national conversation as our population ages. According to some research, people have historically underestimated the likelihood they will require assisted living facilities or long-term care at some point in their future. In fact, only about 40 percent believe it is a possibility when trends show the number is closer to 70 percent. Understanding the likelihood that you or a family member will eventually need senior care allows families to explore various adult communities in a preferred location.

Social Benefits of Assisted Living

Senior care is not what it once was. Patients are no longer confined to single rooms that are reminiscent of a hospital ward. Instead, these retirement facilities are personalized as carefully as any other home and filled with thriving communities. Residents of an assisted living community typically have access to three meals a day in the resident dining room, housekeeping and maintenance, transportation arrangements, and a variety of activities. They are able to easily visit with friends and arrange their own entertainment even if they are no longer able to drive themselves.

Medical Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

While the impersonal hospital environment is largely a thing of the past, it is important to note that most facilities do provide some level of medical care for their residents. It is possible for them to receive help managing their medication, doctor?s appointments, and personal care such as bathing and dressing. This ensures that if there is a medical condition that limits mobility or cognitive function, residents are still able to enjoy a high quality of life and social connection that would typically be more elusive for those who were homebound.

According to a study conducted by Genworth Financial more than half of those surveyed indicated their greatest fear was becoming a burden to their family. This fear was far greater than that of death. Very few people want to consider senior care for themselves or a family member. However, once the need arises it may be comforting to know that there are assisted living facilities that will facilitate the privacy, comfort, and community for the residents that will not be a burden on their loved ones.

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