What Makes A Bed Comfortable To Sleep In?

Waterproof duvet protector

Beds are the unsung heroes of our lives. They keep us warm during the cold months, relax our muscles after a long work week and ensure we get a good night’s sleep in decadent comfort. There are plenty of little nuggets of wisdom we adopt over the years to take care of our beds and, as such, give a little of that goodness back. This can range from flipping your bed every few months to reduce lumps to using a pair of quality sheets to keep the mattress’ material as clean as possible. If you’re looking to go the extra mile and seek out a baby crib sheet for an arriving newborn or prevent moisture damage with a waterproof bed protector, glance below to learn more about the most beloved options on the market.

Sheets And Blankets

Surveys have shown roughly three-quarters of people saying they get the most comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with a fresh scent and feel, with another 78% saying they feel genuinely excited to rest on brand new sheets. The middleman between mattress and blanket, good sheets are essential to keep your bed both clean and warm. If you’re looking for lighter sheets, a 400 thread count sheet is both soft and light while an 800 percale is considered to be soft and dense. A waterproof mattress protector can be used alongside your sheets and blankets to reduce all long-term damage to your furniture.

Cribs For Children

If anyone needs a healthy night’s sleep, it’s the developing minds and bodies of babies and toddlers. Babies need two to three baths a week in warm — not hot — water to remain clean and healthy. While they can be exposed to sunlight by the time they’re six years old, it’s essential to apply sunscreen with a bare minimum of SPF 30 all over exposed skin. Conventional wisdom about sun protection is to apply any sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside to avoid heat rash and sunburn. Kids fitted sheets and cotton pillowcases are additionally gentle on the skin and should be used alongside your waterproof mattress protector to ward off spills and stains.

Favorable Materials

There are a wealth of materials for you to choose from when customizing your bed. Percale is a cotton woven with a 200 thread count or higher, widely considered by industry professionals to be more durable than a cotton satin of the same count. Because of its denser weave, it’s less likely to pill than cotton satin — a thread count is the number of threads woven per square inch of fabric, based on the either horizontal ‘weft’ or ‘vertical’ warp. The majority of weavers will have the maximum number of threads at 500 or 600 to encourage quality and longevity.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Why get a good night’s sleep? Whether you’re young or old, achieving a consistent REM cycle is necessary to stay healthy throughout the week. Millions of Americans suffer from sleep disorders brought on by stress or unhealthy living habits, causing them to seek out materials such as waterproof mattress protectors or hypoallergenic pillow case to make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Healthy sleep patterns bolster your immune system and make it easier to concentrate throughout the day — likewise, a lack of sleep can make you irritable, drowsy and more prone to catching the flu or the common cold!

Benefits Of A Good Mattress

Maintaining your mattress’ proverbial health will go a long way. Taking care of your mattress through consistent cleaning and buying quality materials is necessary to reduce allergens, eliminate dust mites and cultivate a healthy night’s sleep all days of the year. There are little elements you can add to your house to discourage dust build-up and heat loss, such as fitted sheets, as well as protection against moisture, such as a waterproof mattress protector. These come in a variety of sizes, fitting beds as small as a crib’s to king size. Never fear — good sleep is here!

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