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The United States, despite being the wealthiest country in the world, has a serious homelessness problem. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are a little shy of 600,000 homeless people in the country — a quarter of whom are children. These men, women, and children represent some of the most helpless and vulnerable members of our society. They’ve fallen on hard times and for various reasons are unable to help themselves. Of the 600,000 or so homeless people on the streets, approximately 50,000 are military veterans, many of whom (much like in the general homeless population itself) have mental illnesses.

What is perhaps more distressing than the homelessness issue is the response by the rest of the public...

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Navigating Therapy for LGBT Couples

What is marriage counseling

Unfortunately, just over 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the U.S. If you are facing marital or separation, you may want to exhaust all other options before finalizing a split. LGBT therapists are seeing this same trend on a smaller scale as more couples are having to work through different relationship issues. Relationship therapists can help you find your way through the obstacles that may affect you and your loved ones into the future. It does not take a motivational speaker to proclaim how disruptive it can be when your relationship is falling apart. You and your partner may want to consi

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Enjoy Your Next Vacation in Your Own Condo!

Waterfront apartments

When it comes to buying a vacation home, many people wonder, “Is condo a good investment?” This often depends on the kind of home that you are looking for, and where you want to buy the property. Many cities that have year-round warm climates have beach condos for sale, and other luxury properties available in order to attract vacationers.

Condos are often more convenient for travelers because they do not come with the same responsibilities of a residential, free-standing home. Condos also offer homeowners the same space as a house, and they can fit the space with all the luxuries they want. These condos are usually located in a complex where the exterior is taken care of by the building’s owner. This means that homeowners do not need to be concerned about the upkeep of the exterior of the condo,

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Three Benefits of Rustic Cabin Furniture

Log cabin furniture for your home

Did you know that Lincoln Logs was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1999? Although Lincoln Logs is a toy, it allows children and adults to build their own log structures. Real log cabins were popular during the Revolutionary War and had roofs that were made of horizontal logs, and this interest in log construction has moved to the furniture industry, where rustic log cabin furniture has become available. There are several advantages of log cabin furnishings, as they are beneficial ways to decorate homes.

1. Variety. There is a wide

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Plan the Perfect Wedding Day

Ideas for wedding receptions

Your wedding day is usually one of the most important days in your entire life. You prep, plan, and organize for at least a year, toiling away looking for the perfect dress, deciding on how many guest to invite, and searching for the best place to have a wedding reception.

About 7,000 couples get married on a daily basis in the U.S, and about a quarter of all weddings are destination weddings. This means that the wedding party and their guests head to a location away from home to get married. These types of weddings are often held in warm climates, because beaches and resorts on tropical islands are typically more romantic wedding venues than

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Three Facts about the Canadian Mortgage Industry

Mortgage rate calculator

If you’re interested in buying a house within the next year, you’ll want to make sure that you keep up on all of the latest news surrounding Canadian bank mortgage rates. Gathering information on all of the latest mortgage rate trends is just as important as looking at yourself to make sure that you can afford a house. The Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation has strongly recommended that potential home buyers carefully evaluate all of the responsibilities that go into owning a home, including mortgage payments and insurance.
Once you’ve taken a look at yourself to make sure that you can withstand any potentia

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Three Things to Ask a New Nanny Service

Nanny services

Hiring a nanny to come and take care of your children while you’re at work is a great option to have, especially if you plan on being out of the home a great deal of the time. According to the International Nanny Association, a typical nanny works between 40 and 60 hours a week. Knowing that someone will be around your children so naturally makes choosing a nanny agency very important. If you’re still wondering about what to look for in a good nanny agency, there are three questions that you should make sure to ask.
It’s important to remember going forward that asking questions like these will not make you seem intrusive, rude or picky. It’s the welfare of your children that’s on the line, and you have the right to be as selective as you see fit.

  1. “How Long Have You Been in Business?”
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Is Your Office as Clean as it Could Be? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Microban disinfectant

If you work in an office, then you might be surrounded by more germs than you may think. Did you know that the average office desk harbors 400 times as many germs as the average toilet seat? Not only does this uncleanliness put you, as an employee, at risk, but it also might put your potential clients at risk. Since first impressions are so important, getting someone sick or just having a generally unclean work space can generally be considered a couple of the worst first impressions to give. In order to avoid something terrible like this happening to you, here are a few facts you need to know about msds for lysol disinfectant spray, and the best ways to keep your workplace clean and tidy.

Did you know that a recent study reve

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Mortgage foreclosure help —- WATCH

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