Fun Outdoor Patio Ideas

Thesecret to entertaining others in a relaxed and stylish manner in your outdoor space is to plan ahead and have the tools to make it all look easy. You can make it easy on your guests by having dual-function trays that act as individual charcuterie boards with a slot to hold a wine glass. These allow you and your guests to move about with one hand free while carrying both or leaving one or the other behind.
An attractive propane storage box is another great idea if you have a fireplace or grill that uses an external propane tank. Depending on its location, it can serve as an end table or a spot for decoration.

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Fireplaces often help keep mosquitoes away, but if you need more help, you can pick up attractive mosquito-repelling units in various colors that do not require a flame.
Keeping on the topic of insects, IKEA sells a serving tray with a detachable net covering the tray. The net keeps flies, spiders, and other insects off your food, so it remains attractive to every guest. Yet another idea when sitting in your outdoor space when it is warm outside is a dip bowl that sits atop another bowl filled with ice. This approach keeps dips fresh and attractive for your guests, making outdoor patio entertaining easier.

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