10 Fun Mom and Daughter Dates for your Next Weekend

Planning a mom and daughter date is a great way to spend time together while bonding with one of the most important people in your life. Whether you enjoy exploring new adventures and outings or you prefer spending time indoors, planning the best fun mom and daughter dates is only limited by your imagination. When it comes to choosing the perfect fun mom and daughter dates for you and your loved one, there are a few ideas to consider before settling on a decision.

1. Go to a Petting Zoo or Corn Maze

If you’re looking for affordable fun mom and daughter dates that are outdoors and available locally, consider visiting a petting zoo or even a corn maze, depending on the time of year you’re going out together. Visiting a farm with a farm tractor, corn mazes, hayrides, and even pumpkin patches is a great way to spend quality time with your mother or daughter, especially if you are doing so during the arrival of autumn or before Halloween. Going to a petting zoo or corn maze may also be possible at the farms near you if you are planning to go during the spooky time of the year.

Finding a local corn maze or petting zoo is possible by checking with local resources and even by asking friends, family members, and neighbors for their input. You can also seek a local petting zoo or corn maze online with the use of traditional search engines that provide localized results, such as Google. For more information about petting zoos, farms, mazes, and haunted houses that may be available near you at the time, you can also find what you are looking for with the use of social media.

Turning to social media is a way to learn more about corn mazes and petting zoos near you. You can find photos, videos, and information regarding the location and features of each farm, zoo, or maze you’re interested in visiting with your mom or daughter. Taking your time to review photos, reviews, and feedback from locals online is also a way for you to feel confident about the location you choose to visit while you’re on your mom and daughter date next weekend.

2. Visit an Antique Shop

If you and your loved ones enjoy shopping for old antiques and exploring items from the past, one of the best fun mom and daughter dates to consider might include visiting a local antique shop. Antique shops can provide you with a sneak peek into another world and era, whether you’re in the market for large pieces of furniture, home decor, or if you want to find an old newspaper that is out of print. Whether you’re searching for a vintage sign seller or if you’re interested in a particular style of furniture, you can find antique shops and resale stores with the use of local business directories, referrals from local members of your community, and online resources.

Searching for the best antique shops near you can be done with the use of local directories and business listings, depending on where you are currently located. If you’re interested in personal input, ask business owners, locals near you, neighbors, and even your friends for their advice and references. To learn more about a particular antique shop before visiting it in person, search online.

Browse the official website or social media presence of a local antique shop online to learn much more about what each place and location has to offer at the time. While you’re researching the antique shops near you online and even with the use of social media, be sure to take some time to compare photos of the types of items and furniture the store typically stocks and maintains in its inventory. You can also get to know even more about a local antique shop using social media by checking reviews and testimonials from past customers and clients who have shopped at each location.

3. Have a Shopping Spree

If you enjoy shopping and love to do so with your loved ones, one of the best fun mom and daughter dates to consider includes having a shopping spree. Even if you cannot always afford to go on a shopping spree regularly, setting aside a special date to find your favorite hippie fashion brand and to walk the local malls can be a great way to enjoy the company of your mother or daughter. Before planning your next shopping spree for a fun mom-and-daughter date you have in mind, take a bit of time to prepare to ensure you get the best deals possible today.

Planning ahead of time for an upcoming shopping spree with your mother or daughter can be done with the use of local newspapers and coupons, sales promotions, and even online newsletters or virtual communities and groups. Immersing yourself in the world of shopping and saving money, both locally and online with the use of official websites and social media can go a long way when it is time for you to head out for your fun day of shopping. In some instances, you can also take a bit of time to download various apps and coupon software that can help find various discounts on different products and brands based on where you prefer to shop and your current location while the app is open on your smartphone.

4. Throw a Craft Day

If you are brainstorming unique fun mom and daughter dates and you both enjoy being creative with one another, consider throwing a craft day. Hosting a craft day can be done from anywhere and is one of the most affordable dates to plan. Whether you have always wanted to crochet with your mother or if you want to share your love of personalized throw pillows with your daughter, the options are virtually endless when it comes time to plan a craft date for mom-and-daughter. Crafts can include working with jewelry, resin, paint, and even fabric of your choice, depending on the type of crafts you are most interested in learning or the skills you both have at the time of the craft date.

5. Go Camping

If you want to plan a special date with your mom or daughter, and you want to do so while spending time in the great outdoors, consider going camping. Planning for a camping trip does not require extensive survivalist knowledge, so long as you understand the basics of the outdoors and spend a bit of time in nature. If you are thinking of planning a camping trip as mother and daughter, take your time to visit local camping stores and camping stores online to ensure you are well-equipped with the right gear before heading out into nature.

Comparing camping gear and equipment online will help you become familiar with reputable brands and manufacturers before making a purchase. Read reviews from customers before choosing the camping gear that is right for you. Review lists to ensure you have every item necessary for the perfect camping trip.

6. Adopt a Furry Friend

If you’re searching for unique fun mom and daughter dates, and you’re both ready to add a new member to the family, consider adopting a furry friend together. Adopting a new puppy in the home can add plenty of joy and new responsibilities, so it is important to discuss the possibility ahead of time if you intend to do so as a joint venture. Once you both agree on adopting a new furry friend in the home, you can then begin looking for suitable puppies to adopt by visiting local shelters or even by taking the time to compare options near you using an online puppy finder, depending on that type of puppy you are interested in adopting at the time.

7. Have a Spa Day

One of the most popular fun mom and daughter dates involves planning a spa day. Going to the spa for a pedicure, a haircut, or even seeing a local massage therapist can be one of the best ways to relax and decompress, especially after a particularly stressful workweek. Whether you prefer visiting a local spa or hosting a spa day in your own home, relaxing with your mother or daughter is a way to spend quality time together without feeling overwhelmed, pressured, or stressed out.

8. Throw a Backyard BBQ

When you are committed to spending more time outdoors and want to do so by planning a gathering as a fun mom-and-daughter date, you can do so by throwing a backyard BBQ party. Hosting a backyard BBQ is not only a way for you to enjoy a mom-and-daughter date in the comfort of your own home, but it is also a way to connect with other family members and friends who mean the most to you in your everyday life. Even if you are not familiar with cooking for a large group or if you want to spend more time focused on socializing, you can do so by finding quality BBQ catering services near you ahead of time.

9. Visit the Arboretum

One of the most fun mom and daughter dates for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and in nature may include visiting a local arboretum. If you have a passion for trees, flowers, gardening, or just nature in general, you may want to get to know more about a tree company or local arboretum near you to plan a unique outing with your mom or daughter. Visiting an arboretum is not only a way for you to take in nature and its surroundings, but it will provide you with a peaceful and relaxing environment, which is just what you might need to feel decompressed and balanced in your daily life.

Finding an arboretum can be done with local resources and traditional business listings, in addition to searching online. Learning more about various tree arboretums, museums, and galleries online can help you determine which location is nearest to you and optimal for the type of fun you enjoy having as a mom-and-daughter duo. When comparing different arboretum locations and features online, you can browse photos and tree types to find a spot that is just perfect for your next planned outing.

10. Take an Art Class

If you and your mother or daughter have always enjoyed being creative with one another and becoming crafty, you may want to consider enrolling in a local art class. Taking an art class is not only a way for you to spend quality time with someone who matters to you dearly, but it will also provide the two of you with an opportunity to learn and acquire a brand-new skill simultaneously. Regardless of whether you’re interested in a classic local art class or a PhD art course, there are many different ways to go about enrolling in an art class when you intend to do so with someone else, such as your own mother or daughter.

When you are set on the idea of enrolling in an art class with your mother or daughter, you will likely need to take a bit of time to research the types of art classes that are currently being taught near you, both locally and online. Enrolling in a virtual art class will allow you and your mother or daughter to work from home or just about any remote location with a working internet connection. However, attending an art class in person may also be ideal for those who prefer to be guided and directed by a tutor while working on a project in their presence.

Planning the best fun mom and daughter dates does not have to break the bank while still providing you with some of the most memorable and cherished moments you may have in your life. Whether you enjoy getting creative when spending time with your mother or daughter or if you simply enjoy exploring the world together with your own adventure, finding the perfect mom and daughter dates can be done with a bit of self-reflection, brainstorming, and plenty of creativity. From planting a garden to visiting a brand-new mysterious town near you, there is no shortage of ideas when spending time with someone who means the world to you.

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