What Piping Is Right For Your Familys Home?

You may be interested in installing piping for your family’s home. Most people do not know enough about piping to feel confident enough to do it on their own. This is why most people call commercial plumbers. They will do the job quickly and effectively at an affordable price.

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However, which type of piping is right for your plumbing system? In this video, you will learn about several types of plumbing pipes.

PEX piping is an emerging favorite piping amongst contractors. There are several types of PEX piping. These are A and B PEX piping. Each one provides different benefits and drawbacks. For example, one is thicker than the other and is better suited for being used underground. Meanwhile, the thinner piping is better in walls throughout your house. Regardless, all PEX piping provides the flexibility and affordability that make it so popular over other options. It was originally invented in Europe in 1972. However, it eventually made its way to North America and started to take of in the 90’s and 2000’s. Now, the rest is history. PEX piping seems like it is here to stay.


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