What Kind Of Items Should I Donate To Charity?

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If you’re thinking of cleaning your home and getting rid of some items you no longer need, instead of throwing them away, a great option is to give them to charity. There are individuals and families in need who can benefit from your contributions. While there are many different items you can give away, there are some better options that will have greater environmental impacts as well as be more beneficial to people everywhere. If you want to know what items are better for giving to charity, read on!

1. Clothing

Americans buy about 20 billion clothing items per year. Clothing is a large percent of what gets thrown into landfills each year, making it one of the sectors with the lowest recycling rates around. Instead of throwing your clothes away, reusing them in DIY projects, cutting them up to use as towels, and giving your clothing items that are still in good condition can really help impact the planet and people who are living on it who are in need of those items. For example, American Red Cross clothing donations help fund disaster relief programs around the country. If you want to give clothes away, you might want to think about American Red Cross clothing donations, which can help families in need clothe themselves and children. You can call for clothing donation pickup from certain charity organizations, or visit a clothing donation center near you.

2. Furniture

Are you thinking of investing in a new mattress, bedframe, or cabinets? You can donate your old piece of furniture to a charity so another person can use it. As long as the furniture is in good condition, you can give it away so someone else can use it in their home. These donations can actually be tax-deductible as well for the value of what you’re donating.

3. Electronics

Recycling electronics can also help the environment and other families in need. If you’re upgrading to the latest computer on the market or wanting to give away your old radio or music player, think of someone else who might be less fortunate who would enjoy these products. There is no need to simply throw away a good piece of electronic equipment. Instead, think of donating it to a local charity. Some electronics that donation centers will take include old gaming devices, printers, computer monitors, speaker, cords and cables, and software.

4. Books

American Red Cross clothing donations aren’t the only way to help the organization fund disaster relief programs across the US. Knowledge is power, and giving away your old books that you know you will not read again not only has a great effect on the environment but gives individuals and families the chance to enjoy those books as well. Families who do not have a lot of money to go and spend on new books can enjoy your old books at much lower cost and can read to their children and help them improve their reading and language skills. This is a truly powerful gift!

5. Bedding

Old blankets can be recycled and give others who are less fortunate access to textiles that can keep them warm at night, which is especially important for the winter time. If you have old comforters in good condition, you should consider giving them away to a local charity.

Donations have a much bigger impact on the planet than most people would think. In 2015 alone, $2.5 million was profited from items sold in thrift stores, which were able to help financially support the mission of many charities around the US.

Are you thinking of giving some old dresses as American Red Cross clothing donations? That would be a smart move to help the planet and others in the country! Giving truly is a beautiful, selfless act. Comment with what items you plan on donating!

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