Clothing and Other Donations to The American Red Cross

With many charity pickup services available in the United States, there is much to see in what 70% of the population donated to those in need. One of the most popular charities is Red Cross Clothing Pickup, beneficial to both those who receive the donated clothing and those who make donations.

Red Cross Clothing Pickup

The average American purchases more than one piece of clothing per week, leaving a great amount of space for a donation including the clothing that you no longer wear. Basically, many closets continually grow with the collection of apparel that we no longer wear. It’s easy to hoard those clothes that we once loved, letting them remain inactive in our closets because they were once so amazing. Some things that could be considered on a regular basis to help donate to Red Cross and other charities include the following:

  1. What clothes don’t I wear anymore?
  2. Whar clothes or shoes don’t I need any longer?
  3. What clothes or shoes simply don’t fit anymore?
  4. Do I have clothes that could be more valuable to those in need?
  5. Do we have extra winter coats and outerwear throughout the house that are no longer worn?

If you and your family are able to answer “yes” to any of these questions, along with other questions along the same lines, then it may be time to start flushing out those closets that are overfull with unused apparel.

Additional Red Cross Donations

There is much to see in donations made to the American Red Cross and other nonprofits and charities. Amazingly enough, about three percent of American income is included in American Red Cross donations, among those to other charities. In addition to clothing donations and clothing donation pickups, there is much to gain from the economic donations made to these charities for the benefit of the homeless or impoverished families across the country.

Clothing Donation Centers and Pickups

One of the best things to gain, in addition to the satisfaction of sharing with those who will gain from your former clothing, is a tax deduction for clothing donations. Clothes, shoes, houseware, and more are all deductible from your tax return. You can make these donations seasonally, annually, or whenever they best fit your schedule, but it is important to remember that this is something to benefit both yourself and those in need of those clothes. The American Red Cross clothing pickup, just like other charities, schedule a clothing pickup right at your front door, no matter whether you are home or not. Additionally, there are centers where you can simply load your donation up and drop it off wither during their open hours or in one of their 24-hour donation canisters. No matter what, there are plenty of options to supply those in need with items from your home that are no longer in use.

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