Three Tips in Choosing the Right Rental Tent

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Are you having an outdoor wedding? If so, finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is only the second best decision you’ve made lately. There is something magical and wonderful about committing to spend every day for the rest of your life with your favorite person in the world in the great outdoors. There just in no such thing as creating wedding decor and ambiance better than Mother Nature herself is capable of.

However, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, we have two words for you: rental tents. Your rental tents are the difference between “Oh shoot it’s raining, all of our wedding plans are ruined!” and “The rain makes this outdoor wedding even better!”

But not all rental tents are created equally. You have one shot at your wedding, you want want to choose your rental tents through trial and error. So if you’ve gotten through the first step in planning a wedding (finding a spouse), and the second step (choosing to have it outdoors), the third step is choosing the right tent rental. And we’re here to help you with that:

Three Tips in Choosing the Right Rental Tent for an Outdoor Wedding

  1. Let the space determine the type of tent you get.

    There are basically two types for rental tents that you’ll get for an outdoor wedding. You’ll most likely either have a pole tent or a frame tent.

    A pole tent has that classic circus tent feel to it, with a big pole in the middle that the tent covering is draped over. If your tent is really large, you might have two poles that hold the tent up. The benefit to this type of tent is that it’s very spacious, the ceiling of the tent is really high, which adds to the look and feel of the entire space. Also, the classic look and feel of the tent is something that some people like. The drawbacks to a pole tent is that you have to have a pole in the middle of the space. That might be an obstruction if it’s in the middle of the dance floor or right where the bride would be walking down the aisle. Also, a pole tent has to be anchored to the ground with ropes and stakes, so you’d need it to be on dirt. If your space is on concrete, you might want to consider a frame tent.

    A frame tent is free of any center pole, and is instead supported by a frame (as the name suggests). The benefit to this type of tent is that it can be set up on any type of foundation, and the entire interior space is usable without obstruction.
  2. Don’t forget about those tent accessories.

    Hosting your wedding in a tent allows you to have almost all of the accommodations of the great indoors, but still being outdoors. You’ll just want to consider the accessories you want. If your wedding is a time of year that is particularly warm or cold, you might want to consider fans or tent heaters. Adding walls to your tent is a great option for ensuring that the elements aren’t wild card. Other great tent accessories include the dance floor, and lighting. This is a plan you’ll want to make while you are choosing your tent, to ensure that it can be incorporated.

  3. Don’t only focus on WHAT you’re renting, but WHO you’re renting it from.

    So you find the perfect tent for your big day and all of the accessories to go with it and meticulously plan out the arrangement of the seats and tables and buffet and dance floor within the tent space and everything is going to be perfect. The only problem is, your tent rental provider disappears the day they’re supposed to be delivering the tent. You are up a creek without a paddle, my compradre.

    Save yourself this heartache by doing some research before you choose a tent provider. Look for a tent rental company who has been doing business in your area for a long time, and maintained a good reputation. Read online reviews from other customers. If you see a regular complaint about the service provided, let it be a red flag to keep looking!

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