How to Throw an Epic Party Using an Event Tent Rental Company

Wedding tent rentals

It’s hard for people to find the time and money to throw parties at someone else’s establishment. It’s expensive and can be tedious dealing with an event planner who doesn’t like to go the extra mile. Consider having the party at yours or a friends house instead and using an event tent rental company for your party needs. Most rental companies provide everything that you would need to throw a great party and can even help in some of the planning process. Party planning involves keeping track of an enormous number of details, some of which can be forgotten or overlooked. A quality rental company could provide insights and helpful tips and ideas to make your party the best it can be and help relieve some of the stress of planning the whole thing yourself.

The Tent

When looking at party tent rentals, it’s important to know how many people are coming to the party as well the space you have available. If you invited 150 people but only have room for a 20 x 30 tent, this could be an indicator that you’ll need to change up your game plan. Most event tent rental companies can tell you how many people will be able to fit underneath the different sized tents, so it’s important to check with them as well. A lot of companies will offer an assortment of sidings available for your tent, from cloth screen to windowed plastic. Sides tend to cost extra but having them in case of poor weather can save your party from a complete bust.

Tables and Chairs

The table and chair rentals are equally important and both have many options to consider when purchasing your rentals. Most event tent rental companies will give you the option of either having long rectangular tables or round ones. Some people prefer round tables, especially at weddings, because it allows for your guests to engage in conversation easily. Others prefer the rectangular tables because they tend to seat more people and navigation through the aisleways is easier.


Linens can be an optional choice, as they’re not necessary for every party. Most event tent rental companies will suggest which type and color of linens to use. Stock white linens tend to be the most popular, so some companies may only offer white, but you should check which colors they have available.

There are many more things to consider when planning your next party, but it’s never a bad idea to ask your rental company for some inside hints to help ensure your party is the stuff of legend.

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