The Best Renovations for Flipping a House

Improve Your Roof

Savvy buyers are looking past the cosmetics and looking closer at the systems in the house. One of the best renovations for flipping a house is to improve the roof of the house. Investing in a professional roofing service, roof inspections, and gutter replacement can come with a nice ROI. A professional roofing service can let you know if your roof needs repairs or replacement, and they can provide you with an inspection report.

A roof inspection report showing what work was done (if any is needed) can provide potential buyers with peace of mind. It can be a great way to attract buyers that are interested in a home that has strong, reliable systems and that is less concerned with cosmetics.

Improve Your Landscape

One of the best renovations for flipping a house is to improve the outside areas around the house. Add a tree trimming service, a landscape design company, and even swimming pool contractors to your list of must-have professionals. Improving the landscape alone can add 12% of added resale value to any property. If the property has a pool, it is imperative that the pool is fully functional if you want to quickly sell the property close to your asking price.

Landscaping is essential to attracting qualified buyers. It boosts curb appeal and makes the right first impression. A nicely landscaped yard is inviting and adds instant value to any property. Of course, you can do much of the work yourself, and leave the heavy work to the experts. Tree removal, pruning, and, of course, swimming pool repair and care should be left to the experts. However, you can do your part by investing some sweat equity and getting out in the yard to do what you can manage.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is on every buyer’s mind today. Retrofitting a house with spray foam insulation installation can be one of the best renovations for flipping a house. Buyers are far more aware of energy efficiency today than they were even a decade ago. The cost of energy is on the rise and buyers are interested in homes that can help to keep costs down.

Adding new insulation can get the attention of buyers. It is a relatively easy renovation that can really perk up the interest in your property. Energy efficient homes sell five times faster than homes that are not energy efficient according to the REA.

Improve Your Resting Spots

It is important that you give potential buyers the ability to imagine themselves relaxing in the home. A new awning, patio builders to install a new patio, and some staging can help potential buyers picture themselves lounging in the house and enjoying a beautiful place to rest after a long day at work.

The best renovations for flipping a house are those renovations that help to create a vision for the buyer where they can picture themselves living in the home. A new patio with an awning can perk up interest in the home for the buyer that enjoys relaxing outdoors. Of course, expanding the indoor living space by creating an outdoor living area also makes the home seem larger. It creates more usable space in the home.

You can improve the renovation by adding potted plants and patio furniture. Give the buyers a visual of how wonderful it would be to live in this home.

Improve Your Security

While you are checking off your best renovations for flipping a house list, do not forget to include security as an essential must-have feature. Buyers are drawn to homes that can keep their families safe and secure. Make sure that every entrance is secured and included in the alarm system.

Having an alarm system pre-installed in the home is always a much-appreciated feature that potential buyers find very attractive. An alarm company can quickly install the necessary equipment. Of course, an alarm system can also help to keep the home safe while it is being marketed. Vandalism of empty homes is on the rise. You do not want all your hard work to be destroyed by vandals.

Most people that flip homes do not think of things like security systems as essential, but it can be the feature that wins buyers over. Improving security is one of the best renovations for flipping a house. It is an affordable renovation.

Do not neglect things like garage door maintenance. A faulty garage door can be an easy entry point for uninvited guests and can scare interested buyers away. Having the garage door professionally maintained and keeping a record of it for potential buyers can be a great selling point. People like to have records that show what was done in a home.

Improve Your Storage

One of the things that homebuyers are very interested in is storage. They want storage options that will help to keep the home uncluttered. One of the best renovations for flipping a house is to invest in new cabinets. New cabinetry is great in any room, but especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Not only does new cabinetry provide additional storage space, but it can easily improve the aesthetic in any room.

The right cabinetry can enhance style and function in the kitchen and bathroom and help interested buyers picture where they will store all of their stuff. Renovations to flip a house should include cabinetry that expands the storage possibilities in the home to attract buyers.

Improve Your Cleanliness

One of the best renovations for flipping a house is to clean it all up. Home junk removal companies can help. No one wants to buy a house that has junk lying around. Whether that junk is on the outside of the house or inside the house, buyers will lose interest. There is nothing worse than clutter in a house you are trying to sell.

Junk lying around any property will affect how a buyer views a property. Clutter and junk can make a house seem much smaller. Decluttering is one of the most important steps in renovation. Buyers instinctively judge a house based on it cleanliness. Junk around the house or even clutter will give the buyer the wrong impression.

Many buyers feel that if the seller cannot be bothered to pick up the mess, they likely do not maintain the systems in the house the right way. Clearing out the junk and tidying things up is critical if you want to sell the house quickly.

Improve Your Home’s Style

The best renovations for flipping a house are often focused on the cosmetics of the house. Many buyers focus on how a house looks. Some of the best renovations for flipping a house are “skin deep” type renovations. Paint, new flooring, and other cosmetic work to update a house’s style can help to quickly flip a house.

Choose to paint colors that are neutral. Neutral colors will attract the majority of home buyers. Neutral colors are not overpowering and it can help to create a backdrop where buyers can envision their own stuff decorating the space.

The same is true of flooring. While you may be partial to green shag carpeting, you are better off going with a neutral-colored carpet to please most people. Keeping things neutral when you are doing the cosmetic work that sells houses makes it a lot easier to sell a house.

Improve The Lighting

The right lighting can be a game changer for any room. Today, “multi-use” spaces are big. You can create a multi-use room by adding the right lighting features to the room. For example, in the kitchen, use pendant lighting over the countertops to give the space some focused light for food prep. In the same room, if you want to create a nook for work, add a single hanging lamp to denote the space.

Lighting can dramatically change the perception of a room. Adding new lighting is an easy way to upgrade space and is one of the best renovations for flipping a house. New lighting in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces is an affordable way to improve each room and get the attention of potential buyers.

Improve the Exterior With Pressure Washing

Remember we talked about balancing the best renovations for flipping a house and your budget. Pressure washing the exterior of the house including porches, patios, driveways, and sidewalks is a very affordable project that can deliver big rewards.

Pressure washing the exterior of the house can remove years of built-up grime and pollutants to reveal a much brighter and cleaner surface underneath it all. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Exterior pressure washing is affordable and has a really big impact.

Make All Repairs

Go around the house and make all the necessary repairs. There are a lot of little things that get ignored that can be a problem for buyers — like a squeaky door or floorboard, or a window that does not open and close the right way. Sometimes it is the little repairs that have the biggest impact.

The goal of the best renovations for flipping a house should be to ensure that every part of the house is fully functional. Simple fixes like ensuring that the sliding glass patio doors move effortlessly are easy to manage and have a big impact on the buyer’s perception of the house. It is better to make the necessary repairs, whether they are small or large, instead of just assuming that the buyer won’t mind if something is not working as it should.

Improve Your HVAC

One of the best renovations for flipping a house is to tune up the HVAC system. If the HVAC system is in good shape, a tune-up can put it in even better condition. If the HVAC system needs some repairs, getting them done before you list the house is important. Buyers become weary when a house has HVAC problems. Investing in repairs and a tune-up before you list the property will ensure that you do not scare off highly qualified buyers with a system problem.

A recent survey by the REA found that 86% of buyers were focused on three things when they were considering a house: the roof, the HVAC system, and the energy efficiency of the home. Giving buyers what they want will help you to sell the house quickly. Ensuring that the HVAC system is in good condition ticks off two of the biggest concerns. A highly functioning HVAC system is an energy-efficient HVAC system.

Every house has potential. Tapping into the potential of the house and knowing which the best renovations for flipping a house are going to pay off the most is essential if you are trying to make a nice profit. Many times sellers will invest a bucket full of money into the kitchen and bathrooms, but ignore other pressing concerns.

Following the renovations that are listed here, will ensure that you are giving buyers what they want and doing it affordably. Yes, it is important that everything looks great but it is also important that everything is working as it should in the house. Putting more time and energy into the systems of the house can pay off handsomely. Learn more about what renovations are the right renovations for flipping a house.

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