The Advantages of Steel Roofing

All houses and buildings, regardless of their size or age, have roofs on them to protect the interior from the outside. Rain, snow, wind, sunlight, wild birds, and more are kept outside of the house or a public building due to its roof, and roofs are also a place where spray foam insulation can help keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. The problem is that, like any other piece of hardware, roofs may wear out or suffer trauma over time, and this can make a house both expensive and uncomfortable to live in. While roofing repair companies are always available, installing a new roof may be the best option in some cases. Metal roof contractors can be hired to do this, and these commercial roofing contractors will know just how to remove the old roof and fit on a fine meal roof in its place. A metal roof may sound rather industrial to some homeowners, but in fact a metal roof may be attractive as well as practical, and metal roofing is known to be price-friendly. Besides that, metal roofing may last for a very long time, meaning that once a metal roof is fitted on, it may be the last roof that a homeowner ever needs installed.

Metal Roofs and Their Durability

Metal roofs are known for, among other things, their toughness. This can contrast them to asphalt shingle roofs, which may develop cracks and leaks and often have tiles fall out or get damaged. While some homeowners choose to simply get those shingle roofs replaced, another option is metal roof installation, and this can pay off in all sorts of ways. For one, a metal roof is highly durable, meaning that it can stay on the house for a very long time and resist most forms of damage. This may reduce the need for repairs, even after a hurricane. In fact, an average metal roof may last about three to seven times longer than an asphalt roof will, and they may last 50 years or so with proper maintenance. In fact, some steel roofing is coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy, allowing the roof to last for an impressive 100 years. In this case, not only will the current homeowner enjoy the metal roof, but the next homeowner will, and probably the homeowner after that, too.

How are metal roofs so tough, and what are they made of? New metal roofs are typically made of 30-60% recycled metal content, making them resource-efficient, and they are 100% recyclable by the time they are retired. More and more industries are becoming conscious of resource conservation, and this includes metal roofs. These recycled metal roofs can stand up to a lot of pressure, and in fact can survive winds as strong as 140 miles per hour, such as from a hurricane or tornado. Steel and aluminum are the most common metals for building these tough roofs, and sometimes, alloys may be involved as well.

Price Friendly Roofs

Partly due to their toughness, metal roofs are a fine financial investment as well. A metal roof, since it lasts so long, will not need to be replaced save for extreme trauma, and they may not need as much repair work as asphalt shingle roofs do. On top of that, these roofs are less expensive to install in the first place, and even the most expensive metal roofs are roughly 30% cheaper to install on a house than slate or shingle tile roofs are. What is more, these roofs are efficient for insulation, and their improved insulation may allow a homeowner to save as much as 25% on their annual energy bill. Heating and air conditioning use up a lot of electricity, and if the roof or walls leak a lot of cool or warm air, that overtaxes the system (and thus uses up more expensive electricity).

Who needs metal roofs? If a home is damaged from the winds or debris of a hurricane or tornado, a metal roof can be installed to resist future storms. Or, a homeowner who buys a very old house may find it more cost-efficient to replace the old roof with a metal one rather than do a lot of repairs on the old one.

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