5 Signs Your Loved One May Need to Go to a Nursing Home

Assisted living facilities

Often times it can get very difficult caring for a loved with a physical or mental disability. There are so many people that devote all their time and energy into taking care of their elderly loved ones and it is commendable. However, at some point it may be more beneficial to both parties to start considering local nursing homes.

The phrase ‘assisted living’ does not have to make you feel like you don’t love your dear one. Of course you do, but you still have to work and if your loved one cannot be left alone anymore, supervision is always available at assisted living homes. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve been wondering if it’s time to research local nursing homes.

Here are some signs to look for that will tell you if it’s time to move on to local nursing homes.

  1. Getting Lost
    In the latter stages of dementia, patients can begin to wander and get lost in their own home even. This can cause great risks as the illness progresses. Increased wandering means increased potential of falls and injuries that could be detrimental to your loved one. If an elderly person falls, it is a much different situation than a young person. Bones and joints begin to degrade with age and many elderly people would not be able to survive a surgery if they broke a bone or misplaced a hip.

  2. Increased Aggression
    Many times, elderly patients will because verbally and physically abusive. This is a symptom of dementia but caregivers and family members should not have to suffer the abuse. Rather than struggle with feelings of resentment, start looking into local nursing homes in order to save your relationship. Some severe cases can even become sexually abusive. Try to remember they don’t know what they are doing.

  3. Home Safety
    You must be honest with yourself and take a look at your loved one and determine if they are unsafe in their own home. If you need to be with them 24/7 in order for you to have peace of mind that they are safe, this is going to take a toll on you. Don’t let it get to the point that you are completely stressed out. Realize in the beginning, before things escalate that you need help and take the necessary steps to get that assistance.

  4. Escalating Needs
    Have you noticed the needs of your loved one getting more pronounced, progressed or demanding? If their illness is beginning to go forward, you may notice that they are not able to do things for themselves that they used to. This is a good sign it’s time to compare local nursing homes and find out which one will work best for you loved one. There are many great options for you to look into that will ensure your loved one’s independence.

  5. Caregiver Stress
    If the caregiver is becoming stressed in their dealings with their loved one, this is a major sign that its time for adult day care or even full on assisted living. If the caregiver needs a break then they need to be honest about that and not bottle it up inside.

If you recognize any of the above signs in your own situation, try looking in to assisted care facilities in your area. When your loved one is lucid you can explain to them what is going on. Your loved one does not want to be a burden on you anymore than you want that burden. However, it is recommended to reassure your eldery loved one that they are cared for and loved and that you will still be around whenever possible because you do enjoy spending time with them.

It can be a very hard time for everyone but in the end it will be worth it. Once the process is complete and you are enjoying life with your loved one again, you will see that you made the right decision. You can have peace of mind that they are safe, your loved one can pick up hobbies and activities and friends that they wouldn’t have known about before and everyone will be happy and be able to engage in that wonderful relationship that you used to have.

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