Modernizing Your Bedroom Set in Five Simple Steps

Modern bedroom furniture sets

If you’ve lived in the same house for more than a decade, you might be starting to grow a little bored with your home decor, especially in the bedroom. You live inside those four walls for years, but you’ve never really given much thought to designing it yourself. It just might be time to look into some more more modern and exciting bedroom sets for fun. Confused about where to start? Don’t be! Let these five quick tips get you going.

1. Pick a base color, then play around with it.

Your favorite color might be sky blue, but you simply can’t opt for sky blue everything. You need darker hues to balance out the light ones, complementary colors to add a splash of life and plenty of variation so the look never goes stale. Otherwise, you might end up with sky blue overload, which is never a good look for a modern bedroom set. Remember, everything in moderation.

2. Always accessorize within reason.

Of course you need a few pillows on your bed for decoration. But modern bedroom designs tend to opt for more simplistic and minimal looks these days, so how many pillows do you really need? A modern queen bed still takes up quite a bit of room as part of a bedroom set. Go for fewer pillows and a slimmer mattress in order to cut down the capacity for clutter.

3. Go geometric.

Modern bedroom sets typically consist of a bed
, a headboard, a bed frame, a nightstand and two dressers. Maybe throw in a desk if you’re feeling frisky. No matter which design options you choose, remember that contemporary furniture designs tend to be symmetrical and square in order to convey moods of tidiness and elegance. This goes for lighting, too, so look into old-school chandelier fixtures and other vintage gear for that classy look.

4. Kids’ rooms require creativity.

Pink and blue simply won’t cut it anymore. To give your kids the most creatively stimulating but still tranquil living environment, opt for a bedroom set of placid natural scenes on the walls. Make a mural of animals in the jungle or gorgeous stretches of rural farmland. Most of all, enjoy this decorative autonomy, because once they hit their teenage years, they’ll want to do it their way.

5. The decoration marketplace is an open range.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any cowboys trying to steal your whiskey on this range. Rather, the furniture industry in the United States is highly fragmented, and no single company holds more than a 5 percent of the total market share. This greatly increases the likelihood that no two bedroom sets will ever look the same, which is great news for someone looking to give theirs a proper makeover. For your new bedroom setup, the possibilities are truly endless. References.

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  1. I like the idea about the mural in the kid’s room with the animals, but won’t they get scared of ferocious lions peering down at them?

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