Buying That First Home

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Even if you’ve done it before, buying a home can be a frustrating and drawn-out process. For first-time homebuyers, it can be downright terrifying. If the trials and tribulations of buying real estate are getting you down, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make the experience just a little bit easier.

  • Getting a mortgage can be an intimidating hurdle in the home-buying process. If your credit score is not that great, spend six-to-eight months focusing on bumping it up a little, by actively paying down credit card debt, tracking down any outstanding balances (no matter how small), and maintaining a healthy ratio of available-to-used credit on your cards. And a good-sized down payment will go a long way towards getting a mortgage you can afford, so start putting money aside as soon as you can.
  • When looking for that dream house, it’s certainly a good idea to let your real estate agent know the kinds of things you’re looking for, but you should try to be open to different ideas as well. See some different types of homes in your price range that you might not normally have considered. While the total package may still not be for you, there may be elements you find yourself drawn to, and you can add them to your criteria.
  • You will look at a lot of houses. Be sure to keep your photos organized. When you pull up to prospective home, your first picture should be of the house number. That way you can look back at large blocks of photos that are automatically organized and easily referenced.
  • Don’t be put off by changeable aspects of the house. Ugly window treatments and questionable choices in kitchen cabinetry by the people selling a home shouldn’t factor into your first impression. Focus instead on the unchangeable aspects of the house, like lot size, location, light exposure, square footage, and floor plan. You can adjust the rest to suit your needs, and improve the value of your home while doing it. That hideous wallpaper could end up making you money down the line!

From getting a mortgage to inspecting a new home to renovating to maintenance, there are a lot of truly nerve-wracking elements of home ownership. But just remember: While buying a home may be hard, owning a home is worth all the work. Reference links.

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  1. Ha! We should have done the picture thing! We took TONS of pictures of a whole bunch of different houses… and then totally forgot which one belonged to which house. It took an hour with our realtor to remind us which was which.

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