How Donating to Charities Can Benefit You

Used clothing donations

Wounded veterans charities are those organizations that specifically aim to help service members through donations of money, clothing, and household items. When you make donations of clothing to one of the many wounded veterans charities, you do more than help a needy family. About 10.5 million pounds of clothing are thrown into landfills each year. Sadly, reports indicate that practically 100% of textiles could be recycled in some way, even if the item is not in perfect condition. By donating clothing instead of simply throwing it in the garbage, you can clear up clutter and do good for the community as well.

When to Donate Clothes.

Do you live in an area that seems to have one, maybe two, seasons each year? When the weather is clement year-round, it makes dressing for the day easier. But that also means that there are ample opportunities throughout the year to wear almost every piece of clothing in your closet. So if there is an item or two (or five) that have not been worn in six months, it is likely you will not wear it in the future.

Some people feel the need to give more during the winter holiday season, about 43% actually. Conversely, about 44% admit they do not feel any particular urge to be more generous than usual. It could be the cold reminds people that not everyone can bundle up in a coat or has a nice warm place to go home to. In truth, anytime is a good time for local clothing donations, especially to wounded veterans charities.

The Best Charities to Donate To.

Your donations to wounded veterans charities can give you a break around tax season. When a donation is worth more than $250, it can be used as a tax write-off (with a receipt from the charity, of course). There is no reason a good deed cannot also be of benefit to the giver. Granted, if the clothing items in your donation box are stained or full of holes, they are likely nearly worthless, but can still be recycled appropriately. Suits that are out of fashion are still fair game though, and might be exactly what someone else needs.

Many organizations offer donation pickup, making the act of giving even easier. While it might seem easier and faster to just throw out those bags of old clothes, it really is not. Keeping recyclable material out of landfills, giving to others, and possibly getting yourself a tax break in the process can be had with just a little planning.

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