Here’s Why Moms and Dads Are Raving About Organic Baby Bedding Sets

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Newborn babies are not only exceptionally cute, but they’re also incredibly delicate, fragile, and vulnerable. Although they’re often compared to flowers to illustrate just how delicate they are, newborns are unable to withstand temperature extremes or elements. Similarly, newborns are far more sensitive to harsh chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides, though these substances often help flowers thrive.

Most parents would never think to put chemical fertilizers or pesticides anywhere near a newborn baby, which is why organic baby bedding is so important. Like flowers, cotton crops are grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides in order to yield a greater harvest and meet consumer demand. This cotton is then used to produce towels, pajamas, and bedding. Furthermore, cotton is often treated with chemical dyes which can to its existing toxicity.

The place where newborn babies are likely to spend most of their time should be as gentle as they are. With their sensitive skin and developing immune systems, babies are far more prone to suffer the effects of being exposed to chemically treated cotton than adults are. Here are just a few reasons why both new and veteran parents prefer organic baby bedding sets:

A healthy crib

Newborn babies spend a lot of their time sleeping, which means they will be in near constant contact with their bedding. As such, it makes sense to keep this environment as chemical free as possible, which means choosing organic cotton bedding. The chemicals used to grow, process, and dye cotton fabric can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin and respiratory system. Because organic cotton is free of harsh chemical residue, artificial dyes, and toxic irritants, it’s the best choice for babies. Organic cotton baby bedding is also naturally hypoallergenic.

A healthy planet

The chemicals and pesticides used to in agriculture are not only harmful to people, but they’re harmful to the environment too. Not only can these chemicals deplete the soil, but they can also disturb ecosystems and pose a threat to wildlife. Chemical agriculture runoff is also a common pollutant of public water supplies. Buying organic foods and household products, such as organic baby bedding, helps to support environmental sustainability.

A healthier baby

Organic cotton sheets have a soft, smooth, and comfortable feel that’s perfect for a newborn baby’s sensitive skin. Organic is inherently softer and smoother than convention cotton because it’s processed with chemicals that can reduce its quality. Similarly, organic cotton sheets are weaved for softness and strength, while regular cotton sheets are chemically treated in order to create an artificial soft feel. And because organic baby bedding is breathable, it helps to wick moisture away from newborns to keep them cool and comfortable.

A healthier wallet

Newborn babies are expensive, but investing in high quality products can help families save money in the long run. Organic baby bedding is more durable and of higher quality than conventional cotton because of the gentle way it’s harvested. Unlike conventional cotton that’s harvested with a machine before it’s chemically treated, organic cotton is picked by hand and is cleaned with hot water or vegetable soaps. This allows organic cotton to retain a great deal of it’s quality, resulting in a durable fabric that can be washed time and time again without falling apart.

In addition organic baby bedding, parents can create a healthier home in general by choosing other all natural organic baby products such organic baby foods, bath, and household products. Healthier babies and healthier homes help to support a healthier planet.

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