How to Care for the Different Species of Party

Wedding rental supplies

Parties move fast so party-planners move faster. The gap between planning an event and hosting it can be extremely small. This leaves little time for renting chairs, tables, tents and other potential party necessities. Planning a party typically involves managing countless small details, from food to invitations. It can be expensive too. A wedding reception in 2012 cost up to $13,000 and Bat or Bat Mitzvahs cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. While celebrations are always worth the cost, it’s worth looking at a few different types to figure out the most efficient way to manage and plan them. Starting with-

    Street Festivals
    There are many different kinds of street festivals, each with its own specific requirements. Because of their size and structure, it’s a good idea to hire a quality rental company, one that has lot of experience in the planning business. Many of these companies offer event tent rentals, a must for larger street fairs that will house multiple vendors. Some will even offer outdoor dance floor rentals at no significant extra cost. Make sure they’re aware of how many table and chair rentals the festival will need, as well. Nothing messes with a festival harder than lack of seating and space for food or merchandise. Placement of resting and shopping or event areas is key to success.
    Corporate Events
    Corporate Events are a bit of a different animal. While these might include some of the same target items (rental tents, rental chairs) they are, by definition, more professional than the typical street festival. This means less outdoor merchandise, like outdoor dance floor rentals, and more specialized event rental equipment, such as places to hang banners or flyers. Corporate events often require a lot of beverages too. Machines for these beverages may be necessary. They won’t be wasted, either, so the expense is worth it. 80% of guests typically accept coffee or tea if offered. Not bad odds for a relatively cheap expense. Rental linens, such as table runners, napkins, chair covers and sashes can help to identify the theme or, more importantly, the brand of the corporate event. Decor might seem insubstantial but it can certainly contribute to the event as a whole.
    As one of the most important days of a person’s life, weddings need to come with a special touch. Wedding rentals can be valuable for couples with backyard weddings and receptions. Since private areas such as yards or homes are so small, every bit of space counts. Much like the street festival, tent and outdoor dance floor rentals are a tasteful way to keep the backyard party going. Be sure to have the planning company in question stock up on supplies too. A party of only 15 will need 200 napkins or more. Plan for spills and accidents accordingly and always buy a bit more of everything than seems necessary. Better to have too much than too little.
    Sweet Sixteens
    Sixteen is a huge age for most teenagers, both girls and boys. In many states it is the gateway age to cars, the ultimate symbol of freedom. For festivities like these, it is always important to remember two words: caution and trust. Sweet sixteens can have a wide range in prices, from $300 to $25,000 or possibly even more. The price range can also determine what type of sweet sixteen it is. The smaller cheaper parties can just involve family and friends at home. The larger ones may require a lot more, from DJs and hotels to larger outdoor dance floor rentals, stylists and hundreds of guests. Figure out the workable price range and what the teenager in question would like. Find a balance between the two and search for rental companies that work within the right specifications.

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